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Thru The Gears - FREE MP3 Download

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Friday 8th April 2011
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Sennheiser joins forces with AudioFuel to spur runners to greater performance at the Virgin London Marathon and beyond

Sennheiser has today announced that its new soundtrack for athletes, ‘Thru the Gears’, custom composed by sports music experts AudioFuel, is now available to download free from their website www.sennheiser.co.uk/running.

The 15 minute soundtrack, which combines motivational music and voice over coaching from a personal trainer, is aimed at providing athletes with a short but high impact workout.

‘Thru the Gears’ has been designed specifically for using with an MP3 player and the Sennheiser Adidas range of headphones that includes the PMX 680, CX 680 and MX 680 that are lightweight and sturdy, yet also stay extremely secure in your ear while you run. This design accompanies the high output drivers that deliver a powerful and energising stereo sound, which makes them complimentary to the track and a good incentive to get out for a run in your lunch hour as well as part of your normal training regime.

All AudioFuel music has rhythmic beats that exactly match and drive the stride of a run. So as the name suggests, ‘Thru the Gears’ starts with a minute of stretching, a minute at a slow walking pace of 130 beats per minute, then the pace revs up to a steady jog at 155 bpm, a middle stretch of running at 160 and 165 bpm then pushes you to a sprint at 170 beats per minute.

Phillips Idowu, British triple jumper and World champion, used the track for a training session and said: “I’ve recently used the ‘Thru the Gears’ track on my PMX 680s and the sound quality was amazing. It made me feel more motivated during training and made the session even more enjoyable!”

Howie Saunders, music director at AudioFuel, best known for his high energy soundtracks played in films such as The Matrix, found it a particularly exciting and challenging soundtrack to compose and produce.

“To give the track broad appeal, the ambition was for the music to crossover between different genres. So as the tempo ramps up, the music morphs seamlessly from pop and electronica into techno and breakbeat and then finally, kicks into balls-out sledgehammer metal.

“In fact, with the two minute 'stretch 'n' walk' section framing the main piece, you could say that six different compositions make up the whole track. The incredible diversity of instruments, ranging from delicate piano and staccato orchestral strings to slabs of thrash guitar and juggernaut bass, meant that over 90 separate channels of audio were required for the stereo mixdown.”

Sennheiser’s UK marketing communications manager, Steve Dalton explains why they commissioned the soundtrack. “Based on growing evidence that music can increase performance, we wanted to go one better and create a track for our customers that is not only designed for running and training but is also produced to sound its very best through our headphones.”

To accompany the track, AudioFuel called upon voiceover artist Irena Tyshyna to record the vocal instructions and BAFTA winning sound designer Nick Ryan, to create a variety of dynamic sonic assets on the track.

But as Howie succinctly puts it: “Never mind the elaborate planning, slick production and technical finesse, music is nothing if it doesn't have the right vibe. This combination of music, sound quality and fast paced running means you can listen, run to the beat and enjoy!”

To download the track please visit: www.sennheiser.co.uk/running


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