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The intelligent sports bra

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Friday 22nd July 2011
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PureLime`s Award Winning sports bra just got better... ...It has now become intelligent

Revolutionary news from leading Scandinavian fitness clothing brand, PureLime. This news will make it much easier for women to optimise their training and exercise in greater comfort in the future. Actually the bottom line is that the best in test sports bra in Scandinavia has now also become intelligent...

“Many women would like to use a heart rate monitor during exercise but are put off by the cumbersome sensor strap that has to be attached at the same place as their sports bra’s elastic band.” says Christian Friis Olesen of PureLime, “Our revolutionary new sports bra is combined with a heart rate sensor on the inside of the elastic so it does away with this problem.” The heart rate transmitter can be attached directly to the outside of our new sports bra which then wirelessly transfers the measurement to a heart rate monitoring watch, gym’s training system or even to a mobile phone.

PureLime`s Award Winning sports bra

As Aino Virtanen from Clothing+ says, “PureLime is the first company to commercialise the Clothing+’s heart rate technology for sports underwear. PureLime’s innovative, agile way of working and their high quality products are a great platform for us. We at Clothing+ believe that comfortable sensing will be the next big thing for high-end sports underwear.”

The new sports bra is compatible with all heart rate transmitters with snap attachment, e.g. Polar, Garmin, Timex, Ciclo Sport and Sigma Sport. It is also possible to use mobile heart rate applications with the intelligent bra, e.g. Sports Tracker (http://www.sports-tracker.com/). So women can now exercise optimally without losing comfort and function as well as keeping their feminine look.

The bra elastic and the heart rate sensor are made from very soft and comfortable fabrics which feel gentle against the skin. Additionally the sports bra is made with PureLime’s existing fabrics which both look and feel great, whilst transporting moisture and drying quickly.

Clothing+, the leader in comfortable sensing solutions
Clothing+ is a globally acknowledged industrial pioneer in the field of textile electronics and sensors. Clothing+’s vision is to implement comfortable sensor systems for potential application areas such as sports, wellbeing and healthcare. Present customers of Clothing+ in heart rate monitoring business are Polar Electro, Suunto, adidas, Garmin and Sigma Sport.

Best in test
The Scandinavian fitness magazine Iform tested over 30 different leading brand sports bras with PureLime´s compression sports bra getting the top scores and being voted the test winner. “It is the best bra for running I have ever tried - and I have tried more than 20 different ones” was one of the comments from a tester, whilst another said, ”Only a broken leg can prevent me from using this bra until it falls apart!”

PureLime´s Compression sports bra is made of the top quality, technical fabric Coolmax that can both breathe and transport moisture, while giving maximum bounce protection.So the bra can be used for all kinds of activity programmes, even the most rigorous, such as running, dance or horse riding. The Bra is available in sizes 60A to 100J (UK 28A-44H)

Why wear a sports bra?
The breasts are supported by the Coopers Ligaments and any form of movement will cause stretch. Investment in a quality sports bra such as PureLime´s can reduce movement by as much as 75%, resulting in a more comfortable workout, ultimately helping to reduce sagging and pain.

Independent tests have shown PureLime sports bras to be the most comfortable and supportive amongst leading brands – but above all they look great! and are now intelligent !

Pure Lime’s new intelligent bra is currently available exclusively at LessBounce.com!

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