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Berlei’s Top Tips – Choosing a sports bra

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Friday 5th August 2011
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Berlei are giving you ten top tips on choosing a sports bra - and they are also offering you a 30% discount on sports bras on their new website berlei.com

To claim your discount on Berlei’s new Sport range, order online and on checkout enter the code ‘RUN247’. Before shopping for a new sports bra, Berlei has the following advice:

  1. Sports bras are generally a tighter fit than lingerie bras, to make them fit for purpose. So it’s not uncommon for your sports bra to feel tighter than a normal bra.

  2. If you want to check your size yourself, when measuring around the rib cage for back size always ensure the measuring tape is pulled tight, and then add 2 inches to what you measure - to the nearest even number. Berlei advises that if you measure as 31 inches around the back, this should be rounded up to a 34 inch back.

  3. If you think you’re body shape is changing it’s not as simple as just changing the back size - when your back size changes the cup size will also often alter. Therefore, if you feel your size has changed, it’s best to go for a professional fitting.

  4. Fit a new bra on the loosest setting on the hook and eye because a bra will loosen up after a few washes and wears. Fitting it on the loosest hook will ensure the bra lasts longer because you can tighten it when it loosens.

  5. Ensure bra straps are tight as this is where you benefit most from lift and support. It doesn't matter if both straps aren’t level – it’s common for everyone to have one breast slightly larger than the other and therefore the straps will need to be adjusted to level this out.

  6. Colour can affect fit - a black bra can be tighter than a white bra because of the dying process a black bra goes through during its manufacture. As a black bra contains more dye, you may expect it to be a little more snug in the back.

  7. As the Berlei Running features underwire for maximum support, it is vital to ensure the wire is sitting right behind the breast tissue so it doesn't rub, dig in or cause any discomfort. This is vital because underwire placed inaccurately can damage tissue if the cup is too small. Also, ensure the front of the bra is sitting flat to the breastbone, and that it doesn't move around or stand away when lifting your arms up.

  8. An uncomfortable or rubbing bra is often mistaken as being too tight, when usually it is the opposite. Bras that are too loose give space to move around, rub and chafe. Especially when doing sports, a tight fitting bra that runs parallel along the back is needed.

  9. You should ideally have a bra fitting every 6 months and get a new sports bra every 12 months because wear and washing will affect its performance.

  10. Above all, comfort is key and if you’re not sure of your fit you should get measured and try before you buy. There is a difference in fits between brands so don’t assume your size in one brand of lingerie bra is the same for a sports bra.

Berlei Sports Bra - 30% discount

For more information on the Berlei range please visit: www.berlei.com


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