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On’s Active Sole creates a unique running experience

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Monday 20th February 2012
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Product preview: On launches its 2012 range, with two new additions to the On family: The Women’s Cloudrunner and the Cloudster

On, the revolutionary running shoe brand, today announces its 2012 range of running shoes. The new range sees updates to the hugely successful male and female Cloudsurfers and the male Cloudrunner.

These shoes have not only been given a more athletic fit with the use of the latest materials, they’ve been further reduced in weight. On also launches its Women’s Cloudrunner, for endurance and training runs and the Cloudster, a beginner shoe with all the benefits of On’s Active sole.

On’s award winning shoes are based on human foot evolution and aim to address what other running shoes have not yet achieved. Based on the latest research in foot movement, On’s ‘Active sole’, with its three-dimensional elements, is radically different, absorbing both vertical and horizontal forces when the runner hits the ground. The elements allow the runner to glide smoothly into their step when landing and then lock together to allow the runner an explosive push-off. This leaves the runner with the feeling of landing on sand, but pushing off from the track. The On sole makes natural running a light and fast experience, training the body in the right way and giving the wearer a fun new running sensation.

Olivier Bernhard says: “Natural running has grown in popularity and has become a key driver in running shoe innovation and design. With their minimal construction, today’s running shoes give movement back to the foot and calls on the body to maintain an active running position. This results in stronger muscles and fewer running related injuries. However, going from a cushioned shoe straight to these minimalist shoes has seen many a runner end up with lasting injuries. On’s unique Active sole combines the best of both worlds, anticipating what human foot evolution has been unable to do since streets were invented: It prepares the running muscles for landing, but provides the hardness required for a fast push-off. There is no compromise on speed and a significantly reduced risk of injury.”

The Active sole allows the runner all the benefits of barefoot running and all the benefits of cushioned shoes, reducing impact on muscles and joints. The elements on the sole encourage the runner to adopt a more natural and efficient running style and engage postural muscles that can degenerate with overly-cushioned shoes, creating a toning effect. The shoes naturally increase cadence, allowing the runner to find a natural strike for their running gait. Independent scientific research has proved this technology reduces the runner’s average heart-rate and lactic acid build-up, allowing the runner to go faster, for longer and reducing recovery times.

Tegla Loroupe says: “I’ve been running in Ons for some time now and have seen PBs in the shoes. They really work to absorb the pressure so you don’t feel it and the Ons allow you to recover quickly. They are very comfortable, are a completely new running sensation and I get great pleasure out of running in them.”

The Swiss technology is being used by professional athletes across the globe, including marathon runner Geoffrey Gikuni Ndungu of Kenya (best time: 2:08:33 in Dublin in 2011), Ironman professional triathlete Scott Neyedli of the UK, ITU professional triathlete Lawrence Fanous and marathon legend Tegla Loroupe of Kenya. All have reported new personal bests in Ons. On has earned international innovation awards, and has been patented all over the world.

The 2012 On collection

The Cloudrunner

The Cloudrunner makes concrete easy. The patented CloudTec™ system absorbs not just vertical but also horizontal impacts, making this model ideal for intensive endurance runs or longer training sessions. The Cloudrunner activates the running muscles and transforms impact into a light and natural stride.

  • Sizes: 4-8 (women), 7-12.5 (men)
  • Colours: plum/fuchsia (women), rock/lemon (men)
  • Weight: 295-350 grams* RRP: £125

The Cloudsurfer

The Cloudsurfer is designed to unleash the runner’s speed. Equipped with On’s patented CloudTec™ system, the Cloudsurfer is light,agile and excellent at transforming running energy into forward momentum. The active sole balances every step and trains the running muscles. The Cloudsurfer intelligently combines what traditional running shoes have failed to unite: a light impact and a quick push-off for both training and competition use.

  • Sizes: 4-8 (women), 7-12.5 (men)
  • Colours: aqua/coral (women), silver/orange (men)
    black/lime (unisex)
  • Weight: 275-330 grams* RRP: £115

The Cloudster

It may be the starter model in the range, but the Cloudster provides that signature On feeling of “running on clouds”. Equipped with the innovative active sole, the Cloudster brings the On sensation – landing on sand and pushing-off from a track – into everyday life. And with its iconic On design, it’s available in classic colours that will look great anywhere from the running track to the urban jungle.

  • Sizes: 4-8 (women), 7-12.5 (men)
  • Colours: black/white (unisex), glacier/limelight (women)
  • Weight: 295-350 grams* RRP: £99


* sizes 38.5 to 43

About On

On AG is a young Swiss sports company based in Zurich. The team of sports scientists and running enthusiasts around world-class athlete Olivier Bernhard (triple world champion and six-times Ironman winner) have set themselves a simple mission: to create a fun running experience for all.

On has already earned the prestigious ispo Brand New Award for Sports Innovation, and continues to win technology and design prizes all over the globe. The CloudTec™ system has received worldwide patents. 18 months after market launch, On running shoes are available at over 500 running specialists in 18 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.

Ready to start: On’s three founders (from left) David Allemann, Caspar Coppetti and Olivier Bernhard.

The Story from On running on Vimeo.


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