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Ultratrail.tv - The world's premier ultra running event will be broadcast live

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Tuesday 14th August 2012

Race news: The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® Web-TV

For the first time everybody will be able to follow The North Face ® Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc ® races, thanks to the new Web-TV, implemented by the organisation.

Friends and families of the 6000 participants will now be able to follow and see their runners even if they can not travel to Chamonix! Press, partners and all those passionate about trail running can also benefit.

The first programme will be on Monday August 27, followed on Thursday morning, by a non-stop broadcast for 84 hours!

Capturing the first images, sounds, impressions and emotions it will begin with the start of the Petite Trotte à Léon, on Monday August 27th at 22:00. This preview will launch the official The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® Web-TV site. From 6am, Thursday August 30 the start of the TDS will signal the non-stop live coverage until 8pm Sunday September 2.

With more than 6000 runners, 73 nationalities and 44% of the participants not speaking French, the The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® Web-TV will be available in two languages : English and French. On the welcome page, all you have to do is to click the flag corresponding to the language you prefer.

News reports in English, subtitled reports, continuous information in Shakespeare's language; the whole world will be able to follow this mythical race!

Five webcams are installed at key points along the route. Their position is clearly indicated to the runners as well as to all Internet users connected on ultratrail.tv. Thanks to the internet follow-up LiveTrail (accessible also from the Web-TV), every Internet user can plan the approximate time of arrival of the runner they are following at the point where one of webcams is situated. In a click it will be possible to find yourself at the heart of the race! Even if far away, everybody you can see and follow your friends or family as well as the race leaders!

The starts and finishes of the four races: PTL™, TDS™, CCC® and UTMB® will be filmed and the information, broadcast continuously, will provide minute by minute updates from the races.

Each day, from Thursday until Sunday, at 9am, 1pm and 8pm there will be 15 minute news broadcasts. Presented by Gilles Chappaz, for France and Keith Byrne for the English speakers, the broadcasts will give up to date information concerning the races, the weather conditions and they will also welcome numerous guests into the studio.

Between the live-coverage and the news reports, numerous other reports will be available. One list of 6 themes will give access to all the different facets of this event:

  1. the races (organisation, volunteers, information, etc.)
  2. Mont Blanc Country - trail-running Country : broadcasts recorded in the mountains (OEil de l'EMHM) - the territories (Pays du Mont-Blanc, Vallée d'Aoste, Vallée du Trail Chamonix)
  3. race portraits
  4. technical advice
  5. health (medical research, anti-doping measures,...)
  6. roadcasting of all the conferences

All these broadcasts will be available throughout the year because the Web TV remains active and accessibale through all year round.

Broadcasting of press conferences

The two press conferences - the official pre-race conference, Thursday August 30 from 6pm to 7:30pm and the post race conference Sunday September 2 from 11:30am - 12:30pm, with all the winners, will also be broadcast in full and available under heading n°6.


  • the The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® Web-TV will be continually shown on a giant screen in the window of the The North Face shop in Chamonix !
  • The First International Conference of Trail Runners - September 3 in Courmayeur - will also be filmed in full and broadcast on the site.
  • Throughout the following year, the Web-TV will be accessible at ultratrail.tv to allow internet users to re-live the best moments of the event.

A professional team!

The birth of this Web-TV would not be possible without:

  • Dailymotion (Rémi Leclancher) who hosts The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® web-TV: ultratrail.tv and therefore enabling thousands of internet users to see all the broadcasts.
  • Mouss Production society, coordinators in the production of Web-TV.
  • The EMHM whose media hub assures the semi-live reports from the heart of the mountains.
  • Serac Production responsible for the production of HD images and aerial views.
  • Focale Production, management production.
  • Gilles Chappaz, presenter and Pierre-Etienne Léonard, France TV, both journalists.
  • Keith Byrne (The North Face) for the presentation of the news in English.
  • Vincent Delebarre and Nicolas Mermoud, high-level athletes, who will be the sports experts at the heart of the races! Nicolas Mermoud and Antoine Terray, perfectly bilingual (French/English) will a guarantee the internationality of the animation.
  • Via Numerica will guarantee the connection through fibre optics
  • Live-Trail, for the following up of the runners on the internet
  • Fabrice Perrin and Nathalie Ecuer responsible for broadcasting the information and for the FaceBook animation and www.ultratrailmb.com
  • And the specific partners in the Web-TV project: The North Face, la Vallée de Chamonix Mont-Blanc, la Vallée d'Aoste, Saint-Gervais, Julbo, Mitsubishi, Payot-Pertin, Best Mont Blanc, Petzl, Vibram, Overstim.s, Dailymotion, via numerica,... These are all partners of this project in addition of being partners of the event itself.

Programme for the 10th anniversary of this event

Numerous celebrations are taking place all along the route and in the three countries concerned.

All the races finish in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, from 23:00 Thursday August 30th until 16:30 Sunday September 2nd. A great atmosphere is guaranteed!

Monday August 27th

15:00 : Race-bib distribution for the PTLTM in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

22:00 : Start of the PTLTM from the place de l'Amitié, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Wednesday August 29th

10:00-19:00 : Centre sportif de Chamonix race-bib distribution CCC®/TDSTM/UTMB®

10:00- 20:00 : Place du Mont-Blanc, the Ultra-Trail® Salon

Thursday August 30th

07:00 : Town centre Courmayeur (Italy) : Start of the TDSTM

10:00-20:00 : Chamonix, Place du Mont-Blanc, the Ultra-Trail® Salon

10:00-19:00 : Centre sportif de Chamonix, race-bib distribution UTMB® et CCC®

21:00 : First TDSTM finishers

Friday August 31

09:00-16:30 : Place du Mont-Blanc, the Ultra-Trail® Salon

All day, arrival of TDSTM runners

10:00 : Town centre Courmayeur (Italy) : Start of the CCC®

18:30 : Start of the UTMB®

21:00 : First CCC® finishers

Saturday September 1

All morning, last CCC® runners

12:00 : TDSTM and CCC® prize-giving

15:00 : First UTMB® finishers

Arrival of finishers throughout the night

Sunday September 2

Throughout the day arrival of finishers in Chamonix

11:30 - 12:30 : Press conference in the Majestic with the CCC®, TDSTM and UTMB® winners

15:45 : Official The North Face® Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc® closing ceremony

16:00 : Last PTLTM and UTMB® finishers


Find out more about how to track runners here: http://www.ultratrailmb.com/page/68/News.html


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