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Why good runners are losing their bottle

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Wednesday 6th March 2013
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Product feature: FitSip - the first 100% hands-free hydration armband for runners

Good runners are losing their bottle and turning to FitSip, the first 100% hands-free hydration armband for runners, which is launched this month.

FitSip - the first 100% hands-free hydration armband for runners

There are upwards of 4 million regular runners in the UK, and a lot of us like to keep our mouths moist when we go running. The great Mo Farah even made time to run across the track and pick up a drink during the World Championships 5000m final!

However, many of us (including Mo, it seems) hate to carry a bottle (they’re unbalancing and you still have to carry them when they’re empty, for a start) or to strap on a cumbersome bottle belt or back-pack, especially if we’re only training for an hour or less.

This is why we invented FitSip. It started with a problem (we like to drink while we run but we don’t like to carry bottles) and now, after 3 years of product development, design evolution and testing with athletes and running clubs, FitSip is launched and is available to runners across the globe.

FitSip - the first 100% hands-free hydration armband for runners

So what is FitSip?

FitSip is a comfortable, ergonomically designed sports armband containing a lightweight, refillable 200ml hydration pack, accessed by a unique non-drip, controlled release sip-flow bite valve.

It’s perfect for an hour’s exercise: whether that’s running, walking, cycling, climbing, spinning or something completely different, is up to you.

You just fill up the waterpod, slip the armband on, and sip as you go: no bottle, no tubes, no waste, no hassle. 100% hands-free hydration.


For more information check out www.fitsip.com


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