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The Lynx Sports Bra - a sports bra revolution

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Friday 26th April 2013
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Product news: A team of experts has unveiled the Lynx Sports Bra, suitable for sizes up to 52 K

It’s finally arrived – the answer to the prayers of ladies all around the UK.   A team of experts has unveiled the Lynx Sports Bra, suitable for sizes up to 52 K. Thanks to a patented design, your bust remains bounce free throughout even the most high impact workout session.

Available in the UK exclusively from www.lessbounce.com, the Lynx Sports Bra has no underwire and is designed to support your breasts from the sides, rather than from the straps or the band underneath your bust. This clever design leaves you free to breathe and move without restriction, so no under bust chaffing or painful grooves in your shoulders.

A unique sizing guide ensures a best fit experience for every woman, catering to ribcage measurements from 25 to 52 inches and cup sizes from A to K. Available in three colours, the Lynx Sports Bra is fast drying, breathable and lightweight, the ideal addition to any kitbag.

The Lynx Sports Bra - a sports bra revolution

Online retailer www.lessbounce.com scours the globe to find the world’s best sports bras for us lucky ladies in the UK. The site’s founder Selaine Saxby explains why it’s so important to wear the right sports bra: “Ligament stretch caused by the bouncing movement during exercise can be irreversible, causing busts to droop. This can be very painful as well as denting women’s confidence. A well fitting sports bra is essential to guard against this, whatever activity you enjoy.”

Selaine discovered the Lynx Sports Bra in America and was impressed with the bra and the brain behind a busty revolution, Cynthia Smith. A former molecular biologist and patent attorney, Cynthia has been a marathoner and triathlete for over 10 years and always struggled to find a sports bra that offered comfortable support as well as a flattering look.

Cynthia explains: “The idea for this bra was floating around my head for a couple of years when one day I had my eureka moment. I sourced fabric from downtown Manhattan, created my very first prototype and it worked better than anything I’d ever worn. Now, three years later, Lynx Sports Bra is loved by ladies all over the US and I can’t wait to bring it to the UK!”

The Lynx Sports Bra is available in the UK exclusively from LessBounce.com in a range of colours and sizes, starting at RRP £45. Available on presale from 1st April, the Lynx Sports Bra will officially launch 1st May. Visit www.lessbounce.com for more information and to start your sports bra revolution today.


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