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Chia Charge from Running Food

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Tuesday 23rd July 2013
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Product review: Chia Charge - Chia drink mix with rasperries & stevia natural sweetener

Most runners have heard of Chia seeds so when we got sent some Chi Charge to test from the nice people at www.runningfood.co.uk we were keen to see what difference if any the seeds would make and also how practical they were to take.

There are lots of websites and books that promote Chia seeds as an energy source and you only have to read some of their use in history to see that the have and do play an important part in powering people, especially in their native home of central and southern Mexico and Guatemala (you can read a bit of history here: www.runningfood.co.uk/chia ).

Chia Charge - Chia drink mix with rasperries & stevia natural sweetener

The seeds come from a flowering plant, part of the mint family called Salvia hispanica and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a wealth of antioxidants and minerals along with a complete source of protein and fibre. (Click here for more information)

The chia charge sachets can be made up with water or milk and used for fuel and hydration during endurance events. Our tester used the chia charge on two different occasions, once before a long run and then on another day, during a long run.

"When you open the pack it reminds you of a fairly standard powered sports drink but with the unusual inclusion of lots of black seeds. I was mixing mine with water in a 500ml sports water bottle and when added to the water the seeds absorb and expand slowly turning into what I would describe as a light wallpaper mix. On the pre-race drink I didn't leave it too long and consumed it straight away, the taste and texture were both fine and it was an easy and enjoyable drink to take. I took it about 40 minutes before I was due to run in the late afternoon and I have to say I started the run feeling fairly fresh with lots of energy which was unusual for that time of day. It did seem to make a difference but I did wonder how much of that might have been my mind telling me that I had much more energy and some supper running food inside me.

"For the long run I added the Chia Charge to an already cooled 500ml water bottle of water and set out running. I looked to consume the drink after about an hour of running and by that time I found the mixture to be quite thick and much harder to drink then during my previous experience. Having read the instructions in more detail it does say that Chia forms a natural gel and if you do make the drink up before hand then it is best stored on its side (mine was upright in my running belt).

"Care has to be taken when you clean out your bottle after the run - I cleaned my water bottle to then take it out a couple of days later and the nozzle still had chia seeds in it - it took me a good number of times cleaning the nozzle to get them all out.

"Overall I have to say I am impressed with the product especially its in energy providing capabilities. Chia Charge is an great way to consume the seeds and fuel your run. The consistency may take a little getting used to, but most endurance runners are well used to gels - Chia Charge is a bit like a mix between a gel and a drink and very palatable too!"

Chia Charge - Chia drink mix with rasperries & stevia natural sweetener

Running Food also have Chia Charge Flapjacks and Chia seeds available on their website.

To find out more visit: www.runningfood.co.uk


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