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#BonCourage - The North Face® Ultra-Trail Du Mont-Blanc® 2013: The favourites

by Editor
Wednesday 21st August 2013
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Race feature: With the 2013 The North Face® Ultra-Trail Du Mont-Blanc® fast approaching (August 26 to September 1) Run247 will be taking a closer look at this prestigious ultra-event in the weeks running up to race day

In our last issue of Bon Courage, we take a look at the favourites entered for 2013. Even bearing in mind that some of the athletes listed may decide not to start at the last minute, the field for the UTMB looks very exciting.

© The North Face®/ Alo Belluscio

Photo: © The North Face® / Alo Belluscio

Last year's second, third and fourth placed male athletes (Jonas Buud, Michael Foote and Carlos Sa) are expected to return, and there is a strong contingient of athletes from the USA. The North Face athlete and The Western States Endurance Run 2013 winner Timothy Olson will make his debut, while his team mate Mike Wolfe would no doubt like to go one better than his second place in 2010!

The North Face athlete Sebastien Chaigneau seems to be going from strength to strength after an impressive win at the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run earlier in the year and he knows the UTMB route well.

Salomon athlete Julien Chorier is another athlete who looks likely to feature in the race, returning to the UTMB with a host of big results to his name, including a second place at the Ultra-Trail Mont Fuji this year.

Still, it's easy for Run247 to pick their favourite: We're not afraid to show a bias towards Jez Bragg. We like to support our British athletes of course, and although Jez has not raced yet in 2013, taking time to recover after his adventures along the Te Araroa Trail (HERE), he has prepared incredibly well for the UTMB - and he knows what is required, having completed the UTMB four times, including a win in 2010.

Another Run247 favourite who we will be rooting for is Britain's Lizzy Hawker. Last year's winner has been struggling with injury, but is guarateed to put her heart and soul into the race if she makes it to the start!

Itanlian Francesca Canepa, who followed a second place at the UTMB with a win at the Tor de Geants in 2012 is down to race again this year and looks very comfortable on the alpine trails.

Rory Bosio, who was fourth last year, heads a strong American contigient that includes Meghan Arbogast and Amy Sproston - fourth and third respectively at this year's Western States 100 - and last but not least The North Face athlete Helen Cospolich!

A lists of favorites in all the events can be found here: utmb.livetrail.net/lstfavoris.php *

*The runner's bib numbers link to live tracking as well as some information on their race performances in recent years!




Côte Race-bib First name, FAMILY NAME Country
916 2200 Dakota JONES USA
904 2202 Miguel Angel HERAS HERNANDEZ ESP
904 2201 Anton KRUPICKA USA
898 2204 Mike WOLFE USA
898 2203 Timothy OLSON USA
891 2205 Sebastien CHAIGNEAU FRA
875 2206 Julien CHORIER FRA
870 2 Jonas BUUD SWE
865 2207 Jez BRAGG GBR
863 2208 Dylan BOWMAN USA
862 2209 Adam CAMPBELL CAN
860 2210 Aite TAMANG NEP
859 2211 Vajin ARMSTRONG NZL
856 10 Tsuyoshi KABURAKI JPN
850 2212 Xavier THEVENARD FRA
848 53 Gary ROBBINS CAN
844 2214 Yoshikazu HARA JPN
844 2213 Jason LOUTITT CAN
843 2215 Michael WARDIAN USA
842 3 Michael FOOTE USA
841 4 Carlos SA POR
839 2216 Pascal GIGUET FRA
836 2217 Emmanuel GAULT FRA
830 230 Yan Qiao YUN CHN
829 2218 Giuliano CAVALLO ITA
828 2219 Gustavo REYES ARG
822 2220 Andrew TUCKEY AUS
822 36 Clarke MCCLYMONT AUS



769 2251 Nuria PICAS ALBETS ESP
757 16 Elisabeth HAWKER GBR
740 44 Rory BOSIO USA
734 120 Meghan ARBOGAST USA
714 30 Francesca CANEPA ITA
707 2259 Shona STEPHENSON AUS
702 196 Helen COSPOLICH USA
690 2260 Ildiko WERMESCHER HUN
680 56 Katia FORI ITA
678 2261 Simonetta GADLER ITA
677 83 Emilie LECOMTE FRA
668 2262 Gill FOWLER AUS
658 2263 Nora SENN SUI
650 2264 Silvia Ainhoa TRIGUEROS GARROTE ESP
648 3304 Clare ABRAM GBR
642 2267 Juliette BLANCHET FRA
642 2266 Manuela VILASECA BRA
633 394 Ruling XING CHN
626 310 Josiane PICCOLET FRA
625 4795 Meaghen BROWN USA
616 3434 Maddi ARRAZOLA ESP
610 2788 Sofia CANTILO ARG
608 4786 Claire NEDELEC FRA
600 4323 Francesca MAI ITA




863 5000 Thomas LORBLANCHET FRA
829 5001 Jesus Maria ROMON MARTINEZ ESP
827 5002 Sylvain CAMUS FRA
823 5003 Clément PETITJEAN FRA
819 5004 Sébastien CAMUS FRA
815 5005 Jordi BES ESP
813 5006 Fridleifur FRIDLEIFSSON ISL
811 5007 Nicola GIOVANELLI ITA
806 5008 Yeray DURAN LOPEZ ESP
797 5009 Aurélien DUNAND-PALLAZ FRA
795 5010 Julien COUDERT FRA
793 5011 Augustin GUIBERT FRA
791 5012 Daniel GARCIA GOMEZ ESP
789 5013 Aurélien COLLET FRA
787 5015 Jeannick SERY FRA
787 5014 Fabrice ARNAUD FRA
784 5016 Julien JORRO FRA
781 5018 Francesco CARONI ITA
781 5017 Laurent BEUZEBOC FRA
780 5019 Sondre AMDAHL NOR
772 5020 Matteo LUCCHESE ITA
771 5021 Thomas BEIRNAERT BEL
769 5022 Fredéric FUSS FRA
767 5024 Gareth DAVIES CAN
767 5023 Joris MILLERET FRA
758 7542 Julien FRANCOIS FRA
753 5025 Helgi JULIUSSON ISL
749 5026 Claus BECH DEN
748 5027 Jan ZEMANIK CZE



718 5035 Fernanda MACIEL BRA
689 5052 Caroline CHAVEROT FRA
675 5050 Annie BAUMBER GBR
673 5051 Sandrine MOTTO-ROS FRA
659 5053 Anne VALERO FRA
652 5054 Kim BARGER USA
649 5055 Marie-Noelle BOURGEOIS FRA
647 5056 Simona MORBELLI ITA
635 5057 Amalia MATTHAIOU GRE
632 5059 Luciana MORETTI ARG
632 5058 Mercedes ARCOS ZAFRA ESP
631 5061 Delphine AVENIER FRA
629 5060 Isobel WYKES GBR
622 5064 Claire VANNSON FRA
619 5062 Agnès HERVE FRA
608 5063 Marina PLAVAN ITA
599 5649 Ionela Paula DOGARU ROU
581 5157 Jolene MELLON IRL
579 6696 Aurora LOPEZ LUQUE ESP
575 6550 Debora GARAVINI ITA
572 6648 Carla DENNENY GBR
567 5184 Sarah FOURNIER SUI
564 5180 Agnès BARDY FRA
563 5404 Joëlle ETTINGER SUI
561 6046 Ines MELZER GER
561 5519 Laure REBUFFET FRA
561 5509 Agnes LEGRAND FRA
561 5488 Ann BRANCH GBR
560 6424 Amandine BOLE FRA
556 6548 Christèle DURAND FRA




824 8000 Pere AURELL BOVE ESP
812 8002 Stefano TRISCONI ITA
810 8003 Antoine GUILLON FRA
801 8006 Arnaud JULIA BONMATI ESP
799 8004 Christophe MEIER SUI
793 8005 Franck BUSSIERE FRA
788 8007 Renaud ROUANET FRA
784 8011 Ryan BAUMANN SUI
783 8008 Sebastien TALOTTI FRA
779 8010 Léo BECHET FRA
779 8009 Quentin STEPHAN FRA
776 8012 Fabrizio ROUX ITA
775 8014 Jules-Henri GABIOUD SUI
775 8013 Daniel DOHERTY IRL
768 8015 Olivier MORIN FRA
761 8039 Iñaki CATALAN ESP
760 8016 Matthieu BRIGNON FRA
759 8017 Clement POSECAK FRA
757 8041 Stéphane EVEQUE-MOURROUX FRA
755 8034 Damien TRIVEL FRA
754 8035 David TREBAUX FRA
751 8036 Fulvio CHILO ITA
749 8037 Ole CLAUSEN DEN
746 8038 Fabien MEYNET FRA
744 8040 Baptiste DUBOIS SUI
742 8042 Thomas ANDERSEN NOR
738 8043 Daniel AMAT ASENCIO ESP
737 8044 Juan Maria JIMENEZ LLORENS ESP
730 8045 Mathieu MOTSCH FRA
727 8046 Luca GUERINI ITA



Côte Race-bib First name, Family name Country
734 8018 Nathalie MAUCLAIR FRA
691 8019 Claire PRICE GBR
687 8020 Lisa BORZANI ITA
686 8021 Cinzia BERTASA ITA
663 8022 Sophie LIMOGES CAN
642 8023 Sandrine BARON FRA
633 8024 Nathalie LE FLANCHEC FRA
628 8025 Emanuela Scilla TONETTI ITA
623 8026 Marjolein BIL NED
615 8027 Ildiko DEVENYI HUN
611 8028 Manikala RAI NEP
605 8029 Valerie BOITTE FRA
604 8030 Dreama LEHMAN USA
602 8031 Elisabet MARGEIRSDOTTIR ISL
600 8032 Marta PORETTI ITA
598 8033 Estelle CARRET FRA
592 8606 Bertille FAURE FRA
587 9135 Sylvie LEJAS FRA
587 9115 Ute BAIRD GBR
579 9215 Delphine BIOLLAZ FRA
573 9612 Christine NGUYEN FRA
568 8571 Anne-Marie MAUGER FRA
568 8270 Elouise PEACH AUS
565 9763 Hortense BEGUE FRA
561 8717 Anne VILLEMIN FRA
561 9764 Stephanie SAMPER FRA
559 8709 Rachel FALLACARA FRA
556 8750 Hannah SHIELDS IRL
553 8729 Agnes THOMAS FRA
553 8588 Gaelle MOUTHON FRA


Run247 columnist Kirsty Reade, despite her recent win at the adidas Thunder Run 24 (HERE), has not made it on the official list of favourites, but her preparation for the 2013 TDS has been thorough. Before starting a well deserved taper she travelled to the Lake District for a final weekend of training. The challenge was to take in as much ascent and descent as her legs would take:

At the other end of the field, or hopefully somewhere in the middle, is me. I ran the CCC in 2011 and 2012 and was unsuccessful in the ballot for the UTMB for this year but decided that I couldn’t live without my annual trip to Chamonix so transferred to the TDS. Compared to the CCC, while it’s ‘only’ another 20km on paper it’s also another 1300m of ascent (that’s an extra Ben Nevis) and they allow another 7 hours as the cut-off to complete it, which is probably the fact which makes me most nervous of all.

As preparation for the race I made one of my regular trips to the Lake District for Run247 editor Britta to put me through my paces. I can’t help but notice that Britta’s training regime for me has got a lot harder since she hasn’t been running (she’s currently injured). When she used to run with me it was nice ascents of Loughrigg, with a bit of a sit down to admire the view at the top. Since she’s been injured she’s had me out running with Ben Abdelnoor, top fell runner and recent winner of the Lakeland 50, which almost killed me, and this weekend ‘encouraged’ me to enter the Howtown fell race. This was perfect preparation for the TDS in every way – nice climbs, fairly long, and the most horrendous weather. Nothing reminds me of my 2 CCC experiences more than high winds and heavy rain, fighting to stay upright and trying not to cry. Could have done with a bit of snow and thunder and lightning for the full effect but you can’t have it all. Then she sent me off for a nice run round the Fairfield Horseshoe on Monday and the finishing touches to my TDS training were complete.

I’m pretty confident I’ve got the distance in me, I’m not at all sure I’ve got the climbing in me (though this weekend was a big confidence boost), but I’m looking forward to the TDS massively. Being out in Chamonix and experiencing the atmosphere that surrounds the UTMB is just beyond awesome. The TDS starts on the morning of Wednesday 28th August and I hope that by the same time the next day I’ll be sat on the steps by the finish line feeling very happy and possibly having a little cry into my finisher’s gilet. Then I’ll have a bit of a rest before helping Britta cover all the exciting press conferences and of course the UTMB itself.  Go Jez and Lizzy!

Fairfield horseshoe August 19, 2013

Photo: The weather relents a little - on the way up the Fairfield horseshoe, looking down Windermere across Loughrigg


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