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Looking for: an active friend to enjoy the weekly training miles with

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Wednesday 23rd October 2013

Find a training partner who will never try and get out of a run, no matter what the weather - Border Collie Rescue are calling on runners to consider giving an active home to a Border Collie

Border Collie Rescue are a registered charity that rescues and re-homes Border Collies and Sheepdogs. Some of the dogs they take in are in need of homes where there are fit people who like to go running regularly.

They have several marathon runners who volunteer for the charity so they get lots of opportunities to assess the dogs to make sure they are suited to this sort of home.

At the moment they have at least three dogs in their care who are looking for new homes with runners who want a companion to go with them when they are training or just out running for fun.

Running with Collies!

Do you have the X Factor?

Those who have already shared their lives with Border Collie companions will know there is no other breed quite like them.

To experience the depth of intimacy and shared fulfilment while running with your best mate must be the equivalent of One Man and His Dog.

Border Collie Rescue are looking for some special, dedicated runners that have previously had some experience running with Collies.

The charity carefully assesses all the dogs they take in.

Their first assessment is the stock test. If they want to herd, that's the sort of home they will place them in.

But there are many that don't, but they still want in on the action.

Collies will tell you if they have been frustrated in their previous home if only kept for petting when they should have been recognised as dogs with a mission.

Those dogs are likely to have had frustrated previous owners, wondering why they could never be 'good dogs' and just settle down. Maybe, after some running training, they could have been.

Others, with more prey drive, maybe overly keen to chase sheep and be safer training on the line to be a happy Marathon runner too.

Others may have little drive to work and have already been deemed as non-workers by their previous farm homes before coming into BCR looking for other duties.

Here are some dogs looking for running homes right now:

Red Ben

Red Ben

(Loves Chicken, especially with the feathers on!)
DOB August 2008 - 5 yrs old.
Red and White - long coated. (not your usual B/W)
Medium Size.
Neutered, Fully Vaccinated, wormed regularly, flea and tick treated regularly.


(Born firework night - goes with a bang!)
DOB 5th November 2010 - now nearly 3 yrs old.
Tricolour (Black/White and rich tan) - Medium long coat.
Medium size.
Neutered, Fully Vaccinated, wormed regularly, flea and tick treated regularly.



(Black Bessy - she's always ready!)
DOB Feburary 2010 - Now 3.5 yrs old.
Black and White - Long Coat.
Medium size. (but big for a lass)
Spayed, Fully Vaccinated, wormed regularly, flea and tick treated regularly.


This short video is a poem by Helen Connally. Helen was a marathon runner and triathlete, a good one, running under her maiden name of Helen Trees. She was also one of the Border Collie Rescue's volunteers who used to run with their dogs. Her favourite was Pan, the dog in the video, and she wrote this piece when Pan died. Sadly Helen also died from cancer earlier this year.

If you can offer a running home to any of these dogs, get in touch with Border Collie Rescue
Tel: 0845 6044941 (2pm to 5pm weekdays)


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