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Brownlee brothers join Warburtons as brand ambassadors of new Half & Half range

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Thursday 24th October 2013

Olympics heroes Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee MBE team up with Warburtons Half & Half range to discuss sibling rivalry and help mums and dads keep kids fuelled this half term

Brownlee brothers join Warburtons as brand ambassadors of new Half & Half range

New research* today released by Warburtons Half & Half bread reveals that one in five British adults with a sibling, believe that having a brother or sister has made them a more confident person in life. Over half of adults claimed to have copied their siblings behaviour and a further 50% highlighted that they tricked their sibling so that they could win a game of sport. 

Plus, 60% of adults highlighted that they have had a more active childhood because they have a sibling, compared to those who don’t. Sibling rivalry is something that triathlete champions Alistair (MBE) and Jonathan Brownlee know all too much about. 

Inspired by the Warburton’s new Half & Half range advertising campaign, which mirrors their relationship by telling the story of sibling rivalry and competitiveness, the brothers are working with Warburtons to get kids active this half term as the new ambassadors for its Half & Half range.

Capturing activities from their childhood, school holidays and time-honoured rivalry the brothers have created a fun-packed scrapbook to help parents keep their kids entertained this half term.

"Growing up we both loved white bread but mum wanted us to eat brown, with Warburtons Half & Half you get the best of both worlds it's just as tasty as white but with all the goodness of wholemeal" commented, Alistair Brownlee MBE.

The brothers, who have always enjoyed challenging each other, from a ping-pong match in the garden to the podium at the Olympics, have worked with the family bakers to compile 20 activities inspired by their longstanding healthy sibling rivalry.

The half-term tips, which include new concepts such as creating an Olympic themed assault course and traditional favourites such as den building, tug of war and pooh sticks, are part of a Brownlee brothers’ 10 day takeover on the Warburtons’ Facebook page at www.facebook.com/warburtons – helping to give parents inspiration, for bored kids, over half term.  The brothers will be putting each other to the test in videos posted each day over the school holiday.

“Just like the Warburtons Half & Half ad l loved challenging my brother, especially during school holidays when we had more time.  Most of our time together was spent competing to be the best, whether it was running around a track, mountain biking in the woods or playing marbles on a rainy day. As the older brother I always won, of course…” continued Alastair Brownlee MBE.

“It was a lot of fun casting our minds back to all the hilarious stuff we got up to playing together as kids. My brother and I spent many a school holiday making up games and challenging each other. As a kid, it can sometimes be tough being the younger brother, Alistair usually got the better of me… but now I can certainly give him a run for his money. That’s why, it’s so great to be working with Warburtons Half & Half – helping to get kids active and showing my big brother up too!   Just like the Warburtons Half & Half advert I had the long game in mind and have been fuelling up in preparation, watch out Alistair, Rio 2016 is coming," said Jonathan Brownlee.

Jonathan Warburton, Chairman, Warburtons said: “At Warburtons, family is key to everything we do – we know it can be hard for parents to get kids to eat healthily and stay active. We are enormously excited to be working with the Brownlee brothers as the face of our Half & Half range, made from a blend of 50% white and 50% wholegrain flour.  Together we can really help mums and dads smuggle goodness into the kids and keep them active over half term. Like the brothers in our Half & Half TV ad, their natural competitiveness is fantastic to watch, and their enthusiasm for competing in all sport (including the ones they road tested on Facebook) is infectious.”

The Brownlee Brothers half-term Boredom Busters:

1. Mini Olympics assault course   11. Tug of war
2. Bicycle Nature Trail   12. Den building
3. Treasure Hunt  13. Water balloon tag
4. Indoors obstacle course     14. Hide and seek in the great outdoors
5. Sandwich making competition   15. Make a tree house
6. Go carting 16. Bobbing for Apples
7. Make a marble run  17. Pogo stick race
8. Paper aeroplane competition   18. Hose limbo
9. Breakdancing competition  19. Pooh Sticks
10. Design an Olympic Torch with vegetables  20. Conker wars


*Research was carried out by Vision Critical using a sample size of 1582 British adults with siblings.

Visit the Brownlee brothers’ Half & Half Scrapbook at www.facebook.com/warburtons for more half-term activity inspiration


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