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The Husky that wants to run

by Editor
Friday 22nd November 2013

Run with your dog feature: Sandra Bowers shares the story of Spike, the Husky found as a stray

Spike was found as a stray in April, hiding at a railway station in Essex.  He was horrendously underweight, very weak and covered in mange with very sparse fur on his body.  Through the quick actions and help of some wonderful people he was rescued and taken into care by SHCGB Welfare.

The Husky that wants to run

Photos: Spike in April 2013

When he was found he was the size of a 3-4 month old puppy but it is estimated that he was at least 6 months old.

With lots of good food and loving care, Spike soon gained weight and grew a fabulous furry coat.  However, as time passed it was clear that Spike was not well and had physical disabilities.  X-rays confirmed hip dysplasia and suspected elbow dysplasia. He also has an overshot jaw and several other minor issues.

Spike is a husky.  Huskies are the epitome of an endurance athlete and were born to run very long distances.  Spike cannot run far, but he wants to and we want to help him achieve this basic genetic need. 

He is in long term foster care and has weekly hydrotherapy sessions and special training sessions to help rehabilitate him and strengthen his legs.  As I write, the future for Spike is unknown as we do not have a confirmed prognosis on his front legs, which he is chronically lame on.  Arthroscopy and CT scans are currently being discussed as possible options to determine exactly what is wrong.

Spike has clearly been very badly treated by humans yet he loves people and will do almost anything for a cuddle or to be shown some affection.  He also refuses to let his disabilities get him down and remains a very happy puppy even when he is hobbling around and struggling to walk properly.

I am a very successful long distance runner and I also have a chronic condition in my ankle and my big toe.  Several surgeries later I still continue to run even when it hurts, because I love to run and I want to run.  I have owned Siberian Huskies for nearly two decades - we have fun together and we run together.

We currently own three Siberian Huskies - Krofti (13) Kez (5) and Kroi (2) who all happily accepted Spike into the pack.  Our Siberian Huskies run every day with me, usually twice per day!  We run ultras together and we superfast 5ks together.

Spike wants to run and we want to help him achieve that dream.  Together we want to take you on a journey to inspire and show what can be achieved when you believe in dreams….

The Husky that wants to run

Photo: Spike one month on in May 2013


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