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The Magic Collar

by Editor
Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Run with your dog feature: Sandra Bowers shares the story of Spike, the Husky found as a stray

Spike the ever friendly husky puppy was found on the streets as a stray.  We know nothing about his background other than he was very badly treated by humans. Spike has disabled legs (hip and elbow dysplasia) and in his present state he is unable to do much of what he and every husky loves - running. 

He is under the long term foster care of Sandra Bowers, Ian J Berry and their pack of Siberian Huskies. Sandra is a Great Britain international ultra runner. However all of Sandra's successes have been achieved with a chronic ankle joint condition. 

Through love, attention and the right veterinary treatment they are trying to allow Spike to fulfil his dream of becoming a running husky. 

Sandra shares her philosophy on life and training practices with the pack of Siberian Huskies. She is a firm believer in magnetic therapy for recovery and general well being and all the "family" wear trion:z magnetic collars/ necklaces.  Having seen all the huskies respond well to wearing these collars, the logical step was for Spike to have a collar of his own.

Photos: "One day these legs will run and run". Spike playing with his best friends

"Do you believe in magic?  I do.

When I first joined the Huskies Running pack, the lady human told me that she had something special to give me.  A very special present that would help me feel better and help me run.  She then placed a collar round my neck and told me that it was a “magic collar”, just like the ones she wears from a company called Trion:Z.  She told me that the magic comes from the magnets contained within the collar.  

I thought this was really funny as I know how magnets work – they attract other metals, which try to stick to the magnets.  So I thought that if I wore this magic collar then all the metal in the house would stick to me.  It would look really cool as I would have special armor and then I would be invincible!

I think some metals don’t like magnets and they just stay where they are or get pushed away by a magic force.  And maybe the bad dogs and people would stay away from me because of the special magnets.

Krofti told me that I was being silly and that whilst that was true of some magnets and some metal, these special collars would not do that.  Then I noticed he was wearing a special collar and he never looks like a metal husky.  He told me that he sometimes has achy joints because he is very old, but wearing the collar helps him and he still runs every day even though he is really old.  He drew me some pictures to explain how it all works.

Krofti is my best friend and he takes care of me when the big boy huskies are out running.  We play together and we go out walks and do lots of fun stuff together.

Lady human limps around a lot, especially when she first stands up or walks down stairs, just like me.  She wears a little thin magic collar around her neck and she also wears a very teeny collar on her wrist.  Sometimes she even puts one on her ankle.  So if she limps a lot and still runs a lot maybe I can run a lot too.  I think that is why she gave me a magic collar ‘cos she wants to run lots with me too. 

I like my magic collar very much and I like the very special lady that gave it to me.  I wear it every day to help my legs get better.  She has lots of other really cool stuff for dogs like me too and you can find out all about them on Health for Animals.

Health for Animals very kindly gave me a very special bed to lie on when I am resting as all runners know that rest is important.  The only problem is that all the running huskies in this house think that they should sleep on it….

Spike the Husky

P.S. Magnetic therapy works well for humans.  Here lady human explains why she wears magic collars."


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