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Women are shaped differently from men - so why shouldn't a running bag be shaped specifically for women?

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Tuesday 10th December 2013
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Product feature: Workplay's award winning "Fleetfoot II" lightweight women's running bag

A running bag be shaped specifically for women - thats the task we at Workplay set ourselves. Workplay created the award winning “Fleetfoot II” lightweight women’s running bag that won a Silver Award in Womens Running Magazine’s Best Running Accessories competition. This bag is a unique design that our customers say - ‘does not bounce - and does exactly what it says on the tin’.

The “Fleetfoot II” is special because is it is shaped specifically for women and is designed to fit in a stable way on a woman’s hips - not tight in the waist like a man’s running bag - so you hardly know it’s there.

Workplay's award winning “Fleetfoot II” lightweight women’s running bag

This little bag weighs around 100g has neatly organised pockets for all the minimum essentials you need when running. Not only can it carry all your usual running essentials - but can also carry a water bottle and you can even tuck a jacket into the back of it! So no more tying a jacket around your waist when you get hot!

Our objective is to create bags that help you have all the things you need in one place - so you can simply race out knowing you have everything you need without any fuss.

The “Fleetfoot II” is an example of Workplay’s design spirit - we create comfortable and multi-functional bags for women that are as practical as they are stylish - we base all our designs on careful research into women’s needs - testing and refining every design by listening carefully to customers’ feedback.

The designers at Workplay believe that no other running bag on the market offers such a comfortable and versatile set of useful features in a feminine running bag - here are some of the key highlights of this neat little bag:

The “Fleetfoot II”

  • Ergonomically shaped to fit a women’s curves comfortably.
  • Really lightweight and made of breathable material – weighs just 100g!
  • No more need to tie a jacket around your waist when you get hot or the weather changes – at the back of the bag are cleverly designed loops to hold a jacket comfortably out of the way.
  • Safety comes first – so the little bag has reflective trims all around – front, back and side - for those winter nights and City running.
  • Separate fleece lined pockets will hold phone, keys, money and a MP3 player without scratching each other or making a rattling noise.
  • Neat minimal stretch pocket for holding a water bottle or gloves securely in place.

This is what just some of our customers say:

"I have received my fleetfoot bag and used it yesterday. I don’t usually run with water because carrying it puts me off but I had a bottle in the bag and I forgot it was there! I even managed to get to it have a drink and return it to the bag without tripping up, falling over or leaking it all over me"

“It took a bit of getting used to on my first use as I'm not used to having things round my waist . It has definitely made my runs more enjoyable so far and I'm finding it easier to run. Hopefully I'll be able to increase my speed & distance and enjoy running even more. As I can now take my Iphone with me – so I can track my runs using Mapmyrun. It's a fab bag

Retailing at £29.99, it is available to buy from the workplay website www.workplaybags.com

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