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There are a lot of runners who don't like to carry bottles!

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Wednesday 18th December 2013
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Product feature: FitSip launches FitSip Pro-Lite - ultra-lightweight, breathable and available in 6 hi-vis colour accents

In the six months since the launch of FitSip (HERE), the hydration armband for runners who don't like to carry bottles their product has been bought by runners in 15 different countries within Europe, 24 different states of the USA, as well as Brazil, Australia, Malaysia and Martinique. There are a lot of runners who don't like to carry bottles!

Their latest model, FitSip Pro-Lite has just been launched in the past few weeks - it's ultra-lightweight, breathable and available in six hi-vis colour accents.  

FitSip Pro-Lite

So what is FitSip?

FitSip is a comfortable, ergonomically designed sports armband containing a lightweight, refillable 200ml hydration pack, accessed by a unique non-drip, controlled release sip-flow bite valve.

It’s perfect for an hour’s exercise: whether that’s running, walking, cycling, climbing, spinning or something completely different, is up to you.

You just fill up the waterpod, slip the armband on, and sip as you go: no bottle, no tubes, no waste, no hassle. 100% hands-free hydration.


For more information check out www.fitsip.com


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