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The Votwo Jurassic Coast 3-Day Challenge 78.6

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Monday 24th March 2014

Race report: Jurassic Coast Challenge - March 21-23, 2014

Race report: Jurassic Coast Challenge - March 21-23, 2014

The Jurassic Coast Challenge involves competitors running or walking 3 marathons in 3 days between Charmouth and Studland on the Dorset Coast. The competitors are transported to the start and back from the finish each day to the event HQ at Ferrybridge in Weymouth. They have to pass through 3 checkpoints on route each day where they are counted in and out as well as picking up food and drinks. It was started by votwo in 2005 with just 12 competitors and has grown to accommodate over 250 participants in recent years. It was an event inspired by the late Paul Hart; a Dorset school teacher who was also a top marathon running coach in the 1980s and a votwo running coach from 2003 to 2006. Paul completed the same route in just 2 days with one of his athletes in preparation for the 1982 London Marathon.

The 2014 Jurassic Coast Challenge took place in blustery but largely sunny conditions, in stark contrast with the wet, windy and freezing cold weather seen in 2013. Over 200 competitors were on the start line for the first marathon on Friday morning in Charmouth with 194 of them making it to the finish line at Ferrybridge by later that evening. 200 exactly started on day 2, the route that day taking them around Portland before heading along Weymouth seafront and on over the infamous ‘roller coaster’ of hills to Lulworth Cove, this time with 190 making it home inside the cut off time. With some competitors unable to toe the line on Sunday morning due to injury or illness the field was reduced to 167 starters and by the finish at Studland 162 had toughed it out to claim their hard earned and well deserved JCC medal.

Race report: Jurassic Coast Challenge - March 21-23, 2014

Mark Carter completed the first day of the Jurassic Coast Challenge in exactly five hours. Mark ran this with his two sons Frank and Jordan: "Great first day, we have all done five of these challenges before, but we are only doing the one day this year. We are using the JCC as training for the Lanzarote Ironman. We will be back next year to run all three days" said Mark.

Not only did Mark run with his two sons but Martin Carter his cousin also entered and finished on the first day with a great time of 5 hours 20 minutes. Martin stated; ‘‘I have not done the JCC before, and I really enjoyed my first day. I am hoping to finish all three days within 6 hours. I live in Weymouth so there was no excuse not to take part!"

Throughout the 3 days Votwo had given one of the fastest challengers - Adam Holland - a tracker, so his live progress could be watched by Facebook and Twitter followers. You view his GPS traces for the three days here: Day one, Day two and Day three.

Adam explained: "I thought the challenge was good fun, it is always very well organised. This is my third JCC event, I did find day 1 slightly tougher as the course is harder due to the recent weather conditions, but this made it more challenging for me. I am using this as a training session, as I am competing in May in the 10 in 10 marathon event!’ commented Adam who came third overall on day one and second overall on days two and three.

At the end of day three, there were 4 very lovely and emotional ladies who run through the finish line with huge grins on their faces. They are all part of the Bournemouth Joggers Club. Claire Woods and Carole Loader commented "Thanks to everyone at Votwo for making this such an amazing event. I've considered votwo part of the family for a while now but now my Bournemouth Joggers buddies do too! Will try to convince some more to join in the fun next year"

Race report: Jurassic Coast Challenge - March 21-23, 2014

There were many runners this year using the Jurassic Coast 3 day marathon challenge towards their specific targets such as reaching 100 marathons as is the case for Mark Thompson: "I am trying to complete 100 marathons before I reach 50, which is 2 years away. I set this challenge 4 years ago and now from this event I have done 56! I have enjoyed every second of these three days, everyone is so friendly, the course is surrounded by beautiful scenery and it is very well organized, I can’t wait to come back. I may even do the Atlantic Coast Challenge too later this year too”

In the Challenge, there was a particular participant who stood out; Rob Grover. He came in with the quickest time on all three days, with the first day completing the course in an impressive 3 hours and 50 minutes. Votwo spoke to Rob and he said "It is my first ever marathon and I can’t believe I have just done three in three days. I entered with a group of my friends as they have done this before and recommended me to do it. It is such a relaxed atmosphere here, I’ll be looking forward to coming back and seeing some familiar faces in 2015."

Votwo would like to thank Gatorade for supplying the drinks for all of the participants pre, during and post event and Skinners who supplied beer and ale to all the thirsty runners with their evening meals.

Images can be viewed on Facebook here

Race report: Jurassic Coast Challenge - March 21-23, 2014

The next Votwo challenge is the Atlantic Coast Challenge held on the 3rd - 5th Oct, details here

Men's day 1 results

1 Robert Grover   03:50:54
2 Ammon Piepgrass Harpenden Arrows 03:57:23
3 Adam Holland   04:07:33


Women's day 1 results

1 Nicky Taylor   04:43:22
2 Lucy Zirbser Sandhurst Joggers 04:55:56
3 Sarah Jackson Serpentine RC 04:58:49


Men's results

1 Robert Grover   04:06:36
2 Adam Holland   04:19:46
3 Ammon Piepgrass Harpenden Arrows 04:27:59


Women's results

1 Nicky Taylor   04:44:25
2 Sarah Jackson Serpentine RC 05:14:42
3 Lucy Zirbser Sandhurst Joggers 05:15:06


Men's results

1 Robert Grover   04:01:10
2 Adam Holland Votwo 04:14:55
3 Ammon Piepgrass Harpenden Arrows 04:28:29


Women's results

1 Nicky Taylor   04:40:54
2 Karen Weir Ranelagh Harriers 05:32:48
3 Sarah Jackson Serpentine RC 05:58:08


Click here for full results


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