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Help the running app that will help you to the finish line in return

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Tuesday 20th May 2014
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Interview with Shaun Lancaster, director of 'In Your Stride', the all-in-one app that helps runners get to the finish line

Right now there is no single app on the market that addresses the training needs of busy people who need to adapt their training to fit in with other commitments, or that connects runners in a race to one another so they stay motivated and connected to their race goal. In Your Stride is a new app that promises to do all that!

In Your Stride is using Kickstarter, the crowd funding platform to fund their launch, and they're asking for your support to make it happen.

Run247: What was your motivation to start this project?

Shaun Lancaster (SL): We noticed that runners have very different needs when they’ve set themselves a race goal, versus when they’re just doing casual running for fitness. And 20% of them never make it to the start line.

So, we realised there was a real need out there for a new app with a different approach that aligned itself to the runners goal - crossing that finish line. No other run app has this focus.

There are massive challenges for runners on the way to the start line … fitting training around commitments like work, kids etc and current training plans are not adaptable. And also trying to stay motivated as you try to slog out the training miles.

So, we spent months researching and designing the killer functions that would make all the difference like adaptive training plans, race chatter and a timeline countdown to race day.

Run247: What has the growth been like in the running app market?

(SL): The market has exploded and our research shows that about 58% of runners train with a smart phone. The current running apps have tens of millions of users, so globally the numbers are very healthy.

Also, latest figures shows that the demand for apps is increasing. In Feb this year, 47% of all Internet traffic was through mobile apps. So, on-the-move access through a good app interface is clearly what the people want.

Most of the current run apps are primarily concerned with tracking your run using GPS, with fixed training plans available to download. We believe there is a better way to do it.

Run247: What’s different about IYS to the other running apps on the market?

(SL): IYS is the only app focused on getting a runner to their end goal - the finish line. So everything is anchored to countdown timeline to race day, keeping the user focused and motivated.

One of our killer features is the adaptive training plans, which haven’t been done before. You can change your training days around on the fly and the plan adapts. I have a brilliant coaching team including Andy Bullock and Russ Cox putting together some pretty impressive data that enables the plans to adapt.

But we’ve also included the GPS functionality of our competitors so users can track their run, then log or share the data.

Get involved with the best running app ever:

Run247: How have you funded the app so far and where does Kickstarter fit in?

(SL): Earlier this year, we received an investment through Webstart, a high tech incubator based in Bristol, UK. It funded two months of research, product design and branding to prime IYS ready to be funded and launched. It was the first validation that our idea was a good one.

We decided to fund through Kickstarter.com because asking 2,000 runners to pre-pay for an app is the ultimate nod that we’ve got the product right. It also means that users are involved from an early stage and can input to the features that we’re developing. We decided to give all backers free use of the app for life, so they’re getting a nice deal.

There is also no risk for backers, because if we don’t reach our target, no money will be taken from them at the end of the campaign. But if we hit our target, everyone wins!

Run247: What does the future hold for In Your Stride?

(SL): The first release will be pretty feature rich, but when we originally specced the app, there was another 30 core functions that we wanted to add.

So, once we get the first edition released, the coming year will see a huge amount of activity, developing additional features to help runners achieve their goals.

In Your Stride

Find out more about In Your Stride on Facebook or Twitter @InYourStrideApp

Support In Your Stride through Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com


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