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Team Run247 on tour - what goes on tour won't stay on tour!

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Wednesday 18th June 2014
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Race preview: Team Run247 have entered the Mizuno Endure 24 on June 28-29, 2014. They are a colourful mix of runners and expectations are certainly weighted in favour of fun over performance

It could be said that we neatly fit into some of the running stereo-types.

  • In Kirsty we have the dedicated and talented, yet ever humble, ultra-runner, who trains and performs consistently well!
  • Britta in comparison is the ever-injured runner, chomping at the bit to get out there, the mind willing, but the body not so.
  • Paul Shanley is the one who has possibly raced the least, but he's in posession of infectuous enthusiasm and optimism - a certain level of naivety can often work well when approaching an ultra!
  • Paul Hayward on the other hand, while no less enthusiastic, thrives on a challenge - which is why he usually prefers the obstacle course races - the worse the reputation for an event, the better.

Kirsty Reade
Kirsty Reade

Britta Sendlhofer
Britta Sendlhofer

Paul Shanley
Paul Shanley
Paul Hayward
Paul Hayward


To show what a mixed bunch we really are, the team have all answered a few questions:

What is the longest run you have ever done?

Kirsty: 118 miles

Britta: 105 miles (Lakeland 100) - but that was four years ago and I've been injured ever since!

Paul S: A marathon, although we are talking about six years ago.

Paul H: The longest I have ever “traditionally” run would have to be 26.2 miles at Brighton Marathon. Obstacle course racing wise it would have to be “Dirty Weekend”, which was 20 miles of pure evilness, created by Rat Race, culminating on a huge three levelled 12 foot wall climb. Given the choice I would take that wall every time over mile 22 at Brighton, feeling the “wall”.

What’s the last race you have done (name, distance, terrain)?

Kirsty: South Downs Way 100 (14th June 2014)

Paul S: Last running race was the Colour Run 5k . A brutal one lap course around some of the most challenging terrain industrial estates in Wembley can offer. If the relentless pounding of the streets , Kilometre after kilometre wasn't hard enough they also throw paint over me a number of times. If that kind of event dosent get you ready for Endure24 I don't know what will.

Britta: The Montane Trail 10k, Grizedale Forest (in February!)

Paul H: The last race I competed at was an OCR Lake Fear, billed as the South West’s Wettest race, where I was part of the Run247 team. This was a 10 mile canter across mixed terrain, mainly bogs and trials, with the addition of some lakes and a number of fairly aggressive obstacles.

What is your strategy for the Endure 24?

Kirsty: As ever, go out fast, regret it quite quickly, slow down drastically, spend some time in a fairly bad mood during the night, probably spend some time feeling sick, become obsessed with drinking coke, eat a lot of terrible food, work on my sock/short/t-shirt tan lines. 

Paul S: Optimism and ignorance. Lots of. I am hoping that a complete lack of understanding on the challenge in hand will make it all go well.  

Britta: To let the team do the work! I’m hoping that by the time Kirsty’s done a really long stint on the course, Paul and Paul will get really competitive and will be fighting to get on the course to out-do each other! Then Kirsty might be recovered enough to run some more, leaving me with little to do!

Paul H: As the weakest member of the team, with Kirsty being the current Thunder Run winner and completely amazing, Paul being a secret 10k specialist (that wears headbands I see) and Britta being a decorated trail runner, I am not quite sure what I am going to do to hold my end up and actually not really sure how I got on this team.

I was thinking about not drinking any white mochas for the build up, eating some flapjacks and explaining that a 59 minute lap is respectable. I hope.

How many Laps do you think you will do?

Kirsty: Probably about five on my own, then another couple as we take it in turns to carry Paul Shanley round. 

Paul S: Based on optimism and ignorance I would say 15. Reality is more like three with some discomfort and then who knows what happens after that. 

Britta: Judging by my current training mileage, I should get around one lap! I’ll be aiming for four though as long as there’s plenty of time for me to run slowly!

Paul H: I am aiming for at least five. After all, that has to be a fair aim. Being a novice at these kind of events though I will probably manage two.

What are your expectations for the weekend?

Kirsty: Hanging out with lots of nice people, doing some sociable running, eating a lot, people saying 'I thought the people from Run247 would be good at running', having a chilled out camping weekend with friends, essentially having a lot of fun. 

Paul S: Lots of fun, plenty to eat and hopefully a bit of sleep. Mostly fun though, really looking forward to doing a very different event for me.

Britta: Enjoying what running is all about for me – getting away from the computer and enjoying the outdoors, a bit of an adventure, great friends and lots of fun.

Paul H: I imagine it to be a mixture of all feelings. Lots of excitement to start; being told off by Paul for causing trouble by chanting a Run247 team song, followed by confusion at night when we cannot find our partners to swap and then deadly serious in the last four hours as we look to go all out.

What are you most concerned about?

Kirsty: Anything involving injury (tripping over tree roots, tent guide ropes), using portaloos in the dark, how bad I'll smell on day two, how bad my team mates will smell on day two. 

Paul S: Going to work on Monday morning. Worried that lack of sleep and lots of exercise will make Monday a bit more painful than normal. Also concerned that I might never be the same after the experience. 

Britta: A calorie surplus due to cake consumption. Cake induced lethargy. Caffeine induced need to visit the portaloos at five minute intervals!

Paul H: How I am going to pace the food between the events and what to eat. Also Paul’s take on “fun” and me ending up with some glittery outfit to wear.

Favourite cake?

Kirsty: Banana cake. Specifically Paul H's girlfriend Gabby's banana cake. 

Paul S: Victoria Sponge.

Britta: Vanilla slice or custard donught!

Paul H: Chocolate Fudge Cake. Or banana cake. Or Ben’s cookies. Or just cake really.

List of excuses:

Kirsty: Still tired after South Downs Way 100, tight hamstring, I overslept, legs hurt after giving Paul Shanley a piggy back for five miles, it was dark and I thought it was a portaloo. 

Paul S: Well I have been working hard and I did overdo it a bit in that 5k colour run. I could go on but want to save some of them for during the run and after.

Britta: Lack of training, cake induced lethargy, caffeine induced need to visit the portaloos, various injury niggles.

Paul H: “I am not an athlete” and “there are no obstacles, what do you expect me to do but stop and look at the environment”

Sleep requirements:

Kirsty: Eight hours minimum, firm pillow, 10 tog goose down duvet, trailer with jacuzzi and home cinema room. 

Paul S: Minimum seven hours. 

Britta: After all the sugar and caffeine I don’t expect to sleep much!

Paul H: I am surviving on about six hours at the moment. I want to go back to a world of eight please.

Your favourite motivational quote?

Kirsty: 'Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go'. It was either TS Eliot or Paul Shanley who said that, can't remember.  

Paul S: Based on my optimism I would say "Eighty percent of success is showing up". –Woody Allen

Britta: "Life (and running) is not all about time but about our experiences along the way." - Jen Rhines
But I also really like this one: "We can't all be heroes because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by." -Will Rogers – I intend to do lots of clapping and cheering!

Paul H: I always liked my old PT’s quote of “there is going to the gym and there is going to the gym”.

An inspirational person:

Kirsty: Can't possibly narrow it down to one but if I had to choose 3 right now it would be Mimi Anderson, Lizzy Hawker, Ellie Greenwood. 

Paul S: Well recently I have been very inspired by Steve Way especially his performance at the London Marathon http: //www.run247.com/articles/article-4923-.html Having met him a number of times he is lovely guy who has worked hard and applied himself to the task and got some great rewards. Thinking about it we should have got him on the team instead of me! 

Britta: Chrissie Wellington for a gutsy athlete and spokes-person for women in sport.

Paul H: I was pretty amazed and inspired two weeks at go at the Prudential World Series Triathlon by all of Team GB for a lot of different reasons. In particular I would highlight Jodie Stimpson; just seeing the emotion at the end when she finished despite her setbacks was amazing.

OCR wise I would say Jonathan Albon as he is another level compared to everyone else and his training schedule is brutal. The man is incredible and is winning recognition in other disciplines such as ultra marathons.

Also should mention Ant Monks; my former Crossfit coach and part of Team GB. He is an absolute star but is so modest; I did not know who he was for about two months of training with him and just thought he was a “really nice guy”.

Twitter name:

Kirsty: @kirstyreade

Paul S:  @spongebobpaul

Britta: @Britta_twitta

Paul H: @pablosquire (a reference to my old college name!)


Find out more about the Mizuno Endure 24 here: www.endure24.co.uk


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