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A sugar free sports drink

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Wednesday 6th August 2014

Product feature: Most sports performance drinks deliver too much sugar - Biosteel High Performance Sports Drink is different

Most sports performance drinks deliver too much sugar - Biosteel High Performance Sports Drink is different

The World health Organisation recommends that a healthy adult should take no more than 25 grams of sugar a day; that’s about 6 teaspoonfuls. But some rehydration and performance sports drinks have over 50 grams – twice the recommended daily amount.

Using these drinks to aid performance or to rehydrate after any sort of activity is highly recommended and is becoming increasingly popular. However, picking the wrong product can result in taking far too much sugar and lead to lots of health issues– not just the piling on of extra pounds.

Sugar is the prime suspect behind a whole range of problems including diabetes, liver failure, pancreatic cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and gout.

Biosteel High Performance Sports Drink is different because it is completely sugar free.

It has been specially formulated by leading sports coach Matt Nicholl for his ice hockey players and, since its launch it has been taken up by more than half of the professional ice hockey teams in North America as well as gaining great acceptance in professional baseball, basketball and American football.

In golf too, more than 30 of the world’s top 50 golfers use Biosteel regularly to aid concentration and keep energy levels high. In a recent article in Forbes magazine, USPGA golfer Hunter Mahan said, “It’s spreading like wild fire among sports teams and organisations”.

Biosteel contains a high level of amino acids to precise ratios to fuel the body and fight exhaustion, whilst delivering sustained energy and optimum concentration.

It is also lactose free and gluten free and the makers guarantee that it will always be tested and approved by its team of twenty professional athletes as well as independent certification from internationally-recognised bodies such NSF International and Informed Choice.

Performance sports drinks are crucial to rehydration and recovery from exercise but the chances of taking too much sugar is a very big risk. Biosteel removes that risk and performs better than most of the sugar-laced drinks too.

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