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"Peanut Power" can help with fuel and recovery

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Tuesday 12th August 2014
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Product feature: Top nutritionist recommends peanut butter recipes to fuel endurance athletes

Everyone knows peanut butter tastes great smoothed on toast and bagels, but the spread is more versatile than that. Sports nutritionist Jo Scott-Dalgleish, who specialises in digestive health, energy management and nutrition for endurance sports – including triathlon –  has recommended two simple and delicious recipes that can help athletes incorporate peanut butter into their diet.

“I recommend Whole Earth peanut butter to my clients as it is a rich source of protein which is needed by muscles for repair and growth. Whole Earth peanut butter is naturally made without any additional sugar or preservatives which makes it a healthy option for the body.”

“Peanut power energy bites are very easy to make. Combine Whole Earth peanut butter, with oats, honey and flaxseed for a nutrient dense source of calories. You can even add chocolate chips for an extra treat. The bite-sized balls can help to fuel exercise for everyone from elite athletes to weekend enthusiasts. Due to its combination of protein, fats, fibre and carbohydrate, they’ll deliver a slow release source of energy. You can even take them out on longer cycle rides – wrap them in tin foil and pop them in your pocket.”

“A peanut power smoothie is also a great post-workout snack. Whole Earth peanut butter is a rich source of nutrients and protein – necessary for the body to fuel muscle repair. Adding a banana, porridge oats, low fat yoghurt and skimmed milk, or a non-dairy alternative eg almond milk, makes for a shake that is both tasty and the ideal way for the body to kick start its recovery process. All you need is ingredients and a blender and it’s ready in minutes.”

Find out more at wholeearthfoods.com


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