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Only 6% of people know how to achieve their fitness goals

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Tuesday 6th January 2015
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Nearly half of runners (42%) simply rely on friends who also run for training advice

Only 6% of people know how to achieve their fitness goals 

New research commissioned by TomTom GPS sport watches has revealed that fewer than one in ten runners (just 6%) feel they have the in-depth knowledge they need to achieve their fitness goals - and nearly half of runners (42%) simply rely on friends who also run for training advice.

With New Year traditionally a time for self-improvement and setting goals, the study of over 1,000 runners found that weight control was the primary motivation for running and overall fitness improvement was listed top.  It found that increasing weekly mileage was a common goal amongst runners, with 61% of runners aiming for a personal best at least once a week. 

“Most people give up on their New Year Resolutions by January 10th, so knowing how you are performing against your goals can be a great way of keeping you motivated,” says a TomTom spokesman.  "Tracking tangible results, such as how far you have run, seems to be the key to success.”

But less than half (45%) of runners use smart technology, such as the TomTom Multi-Sport and Runner GPS watches, to track and log runs.  Amongst those that do, distance is the most popular piece of information to receive for achieving goals.

However, only 32% of runners follow a training plan such as interval or hill training, with 50% simply using  time or distance as training targets. This is despite the fact that high intensity interval training burns 43% more calories per minute than low intensity steady state cardio.

The research also found that 19% of runners cited mental health as their main benefit to continue running, indicating their goal was to alleviate stress and feel more positive about themselves. 

Nearly two-thirds (63%) run for overall fitness improvement, and over half say they run for weight control.  

Yet fewer Britons set fitness targets than in any other country - just 61 per cent, compared with 82% in Spain, 75% in the US and 70% in France and Germany.

Note: 1,022 runners were randomly selected, and asked a series of questions about their running habits. The survey targeted male and females (50:50 ratio) between the ages of 25-50 years old, who all run at least once a week. 

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