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5 Weeks to 5km! - WALK Programme

by Editor
Thursday 8th January 2015

Training plan: You don't have to be a super fit athlete to complete 5km! This plan is for you if you are quite new to regular exercise, and would like to build up your fitness with the 5km event at the end as a goal… but without actually running

Walking is a GREAT activity - simple, free to do, and regular walking with the added incentive of a goal at the end can make huge improvements to your fitness, wellbeing and health! Why not get together with some friends and encourage each - training with others is a huge motivator!

The schedule is based on walking four days per week. We start by getting into a regular routine in week one, and the progress the plan by a) gradually increasing the time (with one key 'longer' walk per week), and b) adding a small bit of 'pace' by making one session a week at a brisk pace. The plan includes a short 'recovery' walk the day after the longer session, and mixes rest days with active days, and overall builds your endurance so you can enjoy your 5km event goal at the end. See the weekly overview for more tips!


Weekly Overview: Week one is all about forming good habits! Let's aim for at least four days of steady walking of 15/20 minutes, with one walk extended. Relax and enjoy!

Saturday 27/12/2014 Walk for 15/20 minutes
Sunday 28/12/2014 Rest
Monday 29/12/2014 Walk for 15/20 minutes
Tuesday 30/12/2014 Rest
Wednesday 31/12/2014 Walk for 15/20 minutes
Thursday 01/01/2015 Rest
Friday 02/01/2015 Walk for 20/25 minutes



Weekly Overview: Routine set in week one, keep up the good work! Try one short walk at a quicker effort, and add 5/10 mins to your longer walk.

Saturday 03/01/2015 Walk for 15/20 minutes
Sunday 04/01/2015 Rest
Monday 05/01/2015 Walk for 20/25 minutes
Tuesday 06/01/2015 Rest
Wednesday 07/01/2015 Walk for 20/25 minutes - brisk pace
Thursday 08/01/2015 Rest
Friday 09/01/2015 Walk for 30/35 minutes



Weekly Overview: Great progress so far! Keep to week two schedule, but we gently add a few more minutes to build your stamina.

Saturday 10/01/2015 Walk for 15/20 minutes
Sunday 11/01/2015 Rest
Monday 12/01/2015 Walk for 25/30 minutes
Tuesday 13/01/2015 Rest
Wednesday 14/01/2015 Walk for 25/30 minutes - brisk pace
Thursday 15/01/2015 Rest
Friday 16/01/2015 Walk for 40/45 minutes



Weekly Overview: Look how far we've come! A good routine set, again, another small increase in distance will work wonders.

Saturday 17/01/2015 Walk for 15/20 minutes
Sunday 18/01/2015 Rest
Monday 19/01/2015 Walk for 30/35 minutes
Tuesday 20/01/2015 Rest
Wednesday 21/01/2015 Walk for 30/35 minutes - brisk pace
Thursday 22/01/2015 Rest
Friday 23/01/2015 Walk for 45/50 minutes



Weekly Overview: The last month has got you ready - this final week is all about keeping you fresh, excited and ready to achieve your target - enjoy!

Saturday 24/01/2015 Walk for 15/20 minutes
Sunday 25/01/2015 Rest
Monday 26/01/2015 Walk for 35 minutes
Tuesday 27/01/2015 Rest
Wednesday 28/01/2015 Walk for 35 minutes - brisk pace
Thursday 29/01/2015 Rest
Friday 30/01/2015 Walk for 15/20 minutes
Saturday 31/01/2015 RACE DAY!


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