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Your first run

by Editor
Thursday 8th January 2015

Training feature: Going out for the first run can be daunting so we have put together a couple of tips to help:

Training feature

  1. Make time for your first run. If you can, plan a time when you have a couple of hours to do your run, you need time to get ready, run and also a bit of time to relax and reflect afterwards.
  2. Plan your running kit. Look to get your running kit together in advance giving some thought to how warm it will be and what you think will be comfortable. 
  3. Get the right shoes. You can run in most trainers but it is important to get the right shoe for you as this will make a huge impact on your running comfort.
  4. Plan your running route. For your first run you don’t want to run too far. It’s a good idea to find a short loop you can run around so you can make a decision if you want to carry on and not be too far away from home should you find you weren’t quite up to covering the distance you expected!
  5. Warm up and warm down. Start the run walking, and then jogging slowly until you feel ready to run. At the end of the, make sure you take the time to warm down properly too. This well help your recovery towards your next session.
  6. Take it easy. It is much better to come home with energy left so you feel you could keep running on running further. A lot of people make the mistake of running as far and fast as they can on the first run and then get despondent that they are so tired. Coming back with energy will mean you feel good and are more likely to want to go out again and run. Not all runs need to be fast, and not all runs need to be far – a good mix makes up the best training schedules.
  7. Try not to think too much. Running is a natural movement and we all run differently, so by relaxing and not thinking too much about it you will find out more about how you run. As you advance in running you will be able to learn to improve your technique and run much better. 
  8. Be positive. The first run is always going to be the hardest and you need to remind yourself you are only going to get better. We all has to start somewhere!
  9. Remember your goal. Having that target will help keep you focussed on why you are doing the run and help motivate you.
  10. Enjoy it! Running can be serious but look to enjoy the run and in particular the new experience. The more you enjoy it the more you will want to run.

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