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CocoPro has top tips to help you kick start your 2015 fitness routine the right way

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Monday 19th January 2015

Product feature: For those who have started 2015 with good intentions regarding exercise and diet, post-exercise recovery is an important part of training

In just five years, the coconut water industry has exploded into one of the fastest growing beverage categories in the UK and the US, and the market doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon as mainstream supermarkets join the specialist health stores in stocking it.

Simultaneously, the sports nutrition market has boomed with a category growth of 32% in the last year alone.  With an increased awareness of the role protein can play in training, recovery and weight management, the launch of CocoPro couldn’t be any more timely and is the answer to the ever increasing demand for truly natural, healthy products.

CocoPro is a newly launched coconut water which contains the unique benefit of 20 grams of protein making it the ultimate hydrating recovery drink. Its dual benefits have even seen a number of London’s five star gyms and retailers ditch the traditional coconut water in favour of offering its members the next generation in recovery drink. 

Former Scottish rugby international and CocoPro’s Operations Director, Rory Lawson, said, “Whether you are an elite athlete or a casual gym-goer looking to up their fitness levels, almost everyone will be starting 2015 with good intentions when it comes to exercise and diet. Post-exercise recovery is arguably the most important phase of training.

“Being at the forefront of industry innovation, we listened to what consumers wanted. CocoPro combines all the benefits of both premium protein and pure coconut water in one hit, aiding recovery and as such is a totally unique product. Most importantly, it tastes fantastic which means it will be a New Year’s resolution everyone can stick with!”

Fat and cholesterol free and with a low glycemic index, CocoPro is low in carbohydrates containing just 135.3 calories. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients, has no added sugar and is available in two tasty variants - coconut and coconut with pineapple.

CocoPro is currently available to buy from London's exclusive 5 star gyms: Equinox, Reebok Sports Club, City Athletic and Matt Roberts Studios. It will launch nationally in Holland & Barrett, GNC and Ocado in late January.

CocoPro’s top tips to muscle recovery to make the New Year health kick less painful!

1) Have a massage

Self-massage using specialist foam rollers or even a simple cricket ball is a cheap and easy way to increase blood flow to the muscles, reducing inflammations and working out any knots in the muscle.

2) Ice Ice Baby

Have an ice bath immediately following a hard effort or alternate your post gym shower between the hot and cold setting. Applying contrasting temperatures to the body can lead to reduced swelling in muscle tissues.

3) Replace fluids and eat well

Tick both boxes with the world’s first high protein coconut water ‘CocoPro’. Coconut water is a natural food which is packed with electrolytes that facilitates a quicker body cell uptake of water.

Taking in 20 grams of high-quality protein found in each CocoPro drink within 30 minutes after exercise gives the body the optimal nutrients it needs to start recovery and prevent muscle wastage.

4) High quality sleep

Whilst you sleep your body goes into repair mode, producing Growth Hormone which is key for tissue growth and repair.

5) Keep the body guessing

Rotating the focus of your gym sessions allows core muscle groups time to recover whilst still training at a high intensity.


CocoPro is available to purchase from www.musclefood.com priced at £2.75 for a 330ml serving


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World's first high protein coconut water...Procuct news: CocoPro coconut water contains 20 grams of protein

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