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2015 is another record year for Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® race registrations

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Wednesday 4th February 2015
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Race news: Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® - August 24-30, 2015

From its first year in 2003, the UTMB® saw an astonishing success, with 700 runners registered for an event which at the time didn't seem possible. This success, was confirmed the following year with 1600 runners' requests and hasn't ceased to grow since.

Due to the nature of the paths around Mont-Blanc it has become essential to limit the number of participants to avoid bottle-necks. This was the primary reason for implementing qualifying points as a method of regulating the rise in the number of applicants.

To maintain the quality of the event, the number of participants has been limited since 2005, firstly for the UTMB® (2,300) then, for the other races. In 2007, it became necessary to verify trail-runners' experience by requiring them to have run two races of 50km or one of 80km. But this 'regulator' proved insufficient and in 2008 registration was completed in nine minutes. The organisation inaugurated a system of qualifying points obtained during preliminary races, published in a list, and complimented by a draw to ensure maximum equality.... A true precursory race! Nevertheless, despite these measures the requests for registration do not diminish.

In 2015, as in previous years, new record number of applications was received, despite requirements for an additional qualifying point for three of the races (UTMB® : 8 points, CCC® : 3 points and TDS® : 3 points).

13th year : 15,785 requests, 87 countries, 5 races, 7 500 participants

This year, once again there were many more requests than there were places available :

RACE Level of requests Runners refused
UTMB® 218% 3200
CCC® 142% 1000
PTL® 100% Complete in 24 hours
TDS® 84% 320 remaining places redistributed in 3.5 hours
OCC 255% 2400


Record number of countries represented

Another record are the 87 countries represented. For 13 of them groups of at least 100 runners will be on the starting lines. Among these 13 countries, France represents barely 45% of the participants, with a large number entering from Japan, the USA, Brazil and China. Other countries, distant geographically, such as Argentina and Australia, also have large numbers of participants.

Country Total Inscrits
France 4150 45.27%
Spain 936 10.21%
Italy 817 8.91%
United Kingdom 548 5.98%
Japan 279 3.04%
Belgium 240 2.62%
Switzerland 239 2.61%
Germany 227 2.48%
USA 187 2.04%
Portugal 150 1.64%
Poland 145 1.58%
China 144 1.57%
Brazil 93 1.01%
Sweden 61 0.67%
Argentina 60 0.65%
Netherlands 58 0.63%
Australia 56 0.61%


The proportion of women continues to rise from one year to the next. They will represent 13.6% of runners this year (25% in the OCC).


Programme of events:

Mon Aug 24 Chamonix 17:30 Start of the  PTL®
Tue Aug 25 Chamonix 13:00-19:00 Ultra-Trail® Salon and  TDS®Race-bib distribution
Wed Aug 26 Courmayeur 07:00 Start of the  TDS®, Courmayeur (Italy)
  Chamonix 10:00-19:00 Ultra-Trail® Salon and Race-bib distribution
  Chamonix 22:00 First TDS® finishers
Thu Aug 27 Orsières 08:00 Start of the OCC
  Chamonix All day TDS® finishers
  Chamonix 10:00-19:00 Ultra-Trail® Salon
  Chamonix 13:00 First OCC finishers
Fri Aug 28 Courmayeur 09:00 Start of the CCC®
  Chamonix 09:00-13:00 Ultra-Trail® Salon
  Chamonix 17:30 Start of the UTMB®
  Chamonix 20:30 First CCC® finishers
Sat Aug 29 Chamonix All morning CCC® finishers
    14:00 First UTMB® finishers
Sun Aug 30 Chamonix All day Arrival of UTMB®finishers
    15:00 Official Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® closing ceremony 
    15:30 Last arrival of UTMB® and PTL® finishers


For more information on the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc ® please visit -www.ultratrailmb.com - ultratrail.tv 
Facebook : www.facebook.com/UltraTrailMontBlanc - Twitter : @TNFUTMB


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