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Sports nutrition redefined - 33Shake mix it up

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Wednesday 11th February 2015
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Product feature: Pip Haylett reports from the 33Shake sports nutrition launch

The world's first no-bullsh*t sports nutrition launch, courtesy of 33Shake, natural sports nutrition for dedicated athletes 

What to expect

1 Sweat, fun and the best sports nutrition money can buy. Some of Britain's greatest elite athletes swear by 33Shake already, you're about to find out why

2 An eye-opening illustration of how spending money on what matters (rather than on what everyone else thinks matters) can transform an industry, and your performance

3 Two straight-talking company founders who created a revolutionary sports nutrition company because they were fed up with the godawful sh*te being passed off as ‘performance nutrition’ to athletes and decided to do something about it

Last Thursday I got an email from my friend and fellow Run247 contributor (Kirsty Reade), asking if I would like to go with her to the product launch of 33Shake, “the world’s first natural sports nutrition”. I’ve got a cupboard full of sports nutrition stuff, and am about to buy a load of gels and such to get me though some long runs, so I thought this could be really interesting.

We met Warren and Erica, co-founders of 33Shake, at Warwick Avenue tube station at 10am. The plan was to go for an outdoor workout before heading to a nearby location for the product launch, to hear what exactly is so special about 33Shake.

Warren did indeed run us around outside in a private garden, getting us down and dirty with some interval training involving burpees, wheelbarrow races, press-ups and backwards crawling through the ‘grass that we quickly turned to mud’. A good body weight session, and great start to the day.Although I think most of us were now pretty cold and all of us were rather muddy.

From there it was a short walk to the 33Shake HQ, which turns out to be Warren and Erica’s flat, where they thought up the idea. Shoes off and spare socks on, we piled into the front room and onto the sofa for the presentation.

Warren went through a range of current sports nutrition products and showed the ingredients in detail. Most of which were sugar, and sugar described as carbohydrate, but still ultimately just sugar.  He showed us a leading brand’s product which, priced £11, was 95% maltodextrin and fructose. The range of products we looked at were reasonably representative of the nutritional market, and all contained about 90% or more of sugar. Want a hydration drink? Well, it’s almost the same, but with half a teaspoon of salt in it. So a bottle of powdered sugar, for about £11.

As Warren took us though the presentation, he brought out a bowl of ‘food’: fruit, broccoli, and ‘good things’ and also prepared a second bowl of various sports nutrition powders, the contents of a few gel sachets, and added some 'hydration' tablets on top. Having the two side by side made the nutritional products seem even more unappetising than they are normally.  Especially as the hydration tablets began to fizz away in the gel liquid.

33Shake aims to replace existing sports nutrition with an all in one sports drink containing 33 superfoods. 

If you were to take all the superfoods that we know of and put them into one product that is easy to mix with milk, water, coconut milk or soya, that also tasted nice and was the most nutritious thing that there was, would you be interested?

The 33Shake mix contain a lot of goodness, and once blended (I go with milk and a banana, and then a raw egg for post run,workout) tastes pretty good too.

The list of advocates for the 33Shake is growing, with the likes of Bradley Wiggins, Chrissie Wellington, Philip Hindes and Gee Atherton as customers, and for what it’s worth, me.  I’ve really enjoyed the shakes that I have had, and will be replacing my current cupboard full of powders with 33Shakes from now on.

The shakes start at £5.99 each, which does make them expensive. The point of the outdoor training session was to show that you don’t need a gym membership to keep fit, and savings here could perhaps be put towards the cost of a daily shake. 

Most of the current sports nutrition products are marketed as being suitable for either pre-workout, during-workout or post-workout/recovery products, so as an all in one, 33Shake doesn’t fit neatly into those categories, but as long as they can overcome this, I think that 33Shake will have a fair chance of making a dent into the industry, and may well take it by storm.  I am signed up, and am going to change my mindset and nutritional practice for the foreseeable, and see how I get on.


We are on a mission to transform endurance nutrition for the better with all-natural products that honestly do justice to the graft that you, as a dedicated endurance athlete, put in to your training and racing. Our sole aim is to provide the best possible products for serious performers to take themselves to the next level and beyond.

Acheiving this meant throwing out the rulebook when it came to ingredients.

So if you're looking for maltodextrin, concentrated fructose, or any other cheap and processed junk, you've come to the wrong place. All we deal in here are honest, natural, whole ingredients, all selected for their specific properties to boost endurance, recovery and performance and nothing else. 

The basis of everything we produce is superfoods, nature's most nutritious foods. Organic wherever possible, we source the very best from around the world, and we only ever use them whole and unprocessed - processing decimates any ingredient's nutrtition. Every product we make is produced individually, by hand and pretty much to order.

This costs a LOT more than running a factory production line that churns out processed products by the thousands, all with shelf lives that run into years rather than weeks thanks to the additives and preservatives they're packed with, but we believe it's worth it and we think you will too when you experience the results.

As well as delivering the performance you need, everything we make also tastes spectacular and doesn't cause any of the digestive issues you may have experienced using traditional products.

This is real food, for real performance.

For a full breakdown of the ingredients in all of our products, please check the labels below. To learn more about individual ingredients, please click here.


Find out more about 33Shake at their website: www.33shake.com

Check out this article to watch an interview with 33Shake founder Warren Pole


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