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Wings For Life World Run

The first steps to 5 or 10km

by Editor
Wednesday 18th March 2015

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There’s always an excuse for not starting or getting back to running, but, honestly, there is nothing to stop you. Only you. So stop stopping you. The first step is the hardest, but it really is just a step. Grab hold of a 5k or 10k challenge and move towards changing your running habits and energising all areas of your life. Set your goal.

Everyone agrees: sign up for a race as something to work towards -- it's an amazing motivator. Wings for Life World Run is perfect because there’s no finish line; you run as far as you can before the Catcher Car overtakes you. You’ll have 50 minutes to run 5k if each kilometre takes 10 minutes (that’s around speed-walking pace), and 1 hour 10 minutes to cover 10k at 7 minutes per kilometre. Both are smart achievable goals. Set yours.

Let’s get started. Many agree that the first thing to do – just to get past the front door – is walk regularly for periods of 20 minutes to an hour or more for a week or two, just to get your body used to doing something regularly. Your body will tell you when it’s ready to run. It might be at the beginning, middle or end of a walk a couple of weeks in. Mix it up! Interval training is a great way to move up to running after your couple of walking weeks. Start walking, as usual, then add a one- or two-minute jog every five minutes … when it feels right. Don’t force it. Short bursts of increased energy condition your heart and work your muscles. Slowly you can make the short bursts longer and the time between the bursts shorter. Plan your week. Set walking/running dates and commit to them.

Tell your friends and family when you plan to get out there, so they can either go with you or nag you when they notice you’re not where you said you’d be. Walking every day is a big commitment, but doable. For success, it is better to set achievable goals: Plan for every other day when you’re walking, then every three days when you start running. With running, you should allow yourself one or two rest days to begin with (you can walk on rest days). Take everything easy and you’re more likely to stick with your challenge.

Moving on up. When your body is ready, take your run-walking for a longer distance. Never feel that you always have to run. Going the distance, not your speed, is your focus. Run tall, looking straight ahead at the horizon, and at ease, with your elbows at about 90 degrees and your hands relaxed. Don’t push it, just keep running and walking until you reach your 5k or 10k goal. Then feel really good about yourself!

Eat well. Working out more often is going to impact your nutrition. Make sure you eat well to replace the calories you’re using. Dump all that processed nonsense and eat complex carbs, like vegetables, wholegrain and fruit, and enjoy heart-healthy unsaturated fats that you get from avocados, nuts, seeds. Lean protein from fish, meat, eggs and beans should make up the rest of your meals. Enjoy your food but eat sensibly and healthily to replace the extra calories you lose by doing more exercise.

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