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Can Paul Martelletti go further than 70km in 2015?

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Thursday 9th April 2015
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Interview: Ahead of the 2015 Wings for Life World Run we spoke to the UK's 2014 winner Paul Martelletti about the event

In 2014 more than 45,000 runners across the globe set off in varying light and weather conditions to take part in the first ever Wings for Life World Run, united by the ground breaking race format that allows runners of all ages and abilities to compete simultaneously in 32 different countries spanning 13 time zones.

The UK World Run title went to Paul Martelletti who outran the Catcher Car for an incredible 69.37km and came 5th in the World rankings. Paul is an endurance runner from Middlesex and is a member of Run Fast running club.

Wings For Life World Run - Sunday, May 4, 2014 at 10am

Question You won the UK Wings for Life Run in 2014. Are you taking part again in 2015, and if so in which country?

Answer Yes I'm running again and I'm heading to Australia to run the Melbourne event which will be different as it starts in the evening so we will be running into the night.

Question You have been racing a lot recently, placing well – how far do you think you can run in the 2015 Wings for Life Run?

Answer The racing has all been part of the plan in the build up to the Manchester marathon.  As the Wings for Life World Run is only 2 weeks later it will depend on how well I recover as to how far I run.  It would be great to run further than 70km but I will just run how I feel and see where that gets me.

Question What was the main reason you entered the event in 2014?

Answer I'd run a couple of marathons in the three weeks prior and they didn't go as well as I had hoped they would so I wanted to get away from a normal race and try something a little different.

Question How does it feel to have not only your fellow competitors, but also a catcher car chasing you down?

Answer It didn't make that much difference for me until the car got closer near the end.  As the car sets off at pre determined speeds you are able to calculate when it will reach certain distances and based on this I made an educated guess as to how far I could run before getting caught.  Based on this I knew roughly when this would happen so it wasn't too much of a surprise.  I was pretty exhausted by the time it did catch me so in some ways it was quite a relief to get caught!

Question Did you consider what might be happening in other countries?

Answer I was hoping to get some updates throughout the race to find out where I was in relation to others globally but the limited info I did get was a bit vague.  It would be brilliant if you were able to find out exactly where you were in the world rankings and also the distances of nearby competitiors.

Question What is the best part about the Wings for Life Run?

Answer I really like that all the money raised goes 100% towards the Wings For Life Spinal Chord Injury charity.  From a running point of view, I like that it is a different take on a traditional running race as it allows you to change your mindset so you are not being dictated by a set time or distance.

Question Would you recommend runners slower than yourself to take part?

Answer Definitely because if not then it would have just been 5 of us running last year! It's a great event with a twist and no matter how fast you are, everyone has their own goals and I love that everyone finds that last burst of energy as they desperately try to outrun the catcher car.

Question What piece of advice would you offer runners taking part in their first Wings for Life Run?

Answer Look at the calculator on the Wings for Life World Run website to see how far the car will travel for various times and try to relate that to a distance/pace you know you can run.  This will help you set a realistic goal and prevent you setting off too quickly.

Question What are your plans for the rest of 2015 and ahead?

Answer My immediate focus is the Manchester marathon and then I've got the Wings for Life World Run 2 weeks later.  After that I'll probably focus on some shorter races over the summer before thinking about getting back into some longer races.

Click here to watch a video of the 2014 Wings for Life World Run

Click here to find out more and to join the Run247 Wings for Life World Run Team

To find out more visit the official website: www.wingsforlifeworldrun.com

Wings for Life fund cutting-edge research projects and clinical trials across the globe aimed at accelerating progress towards a cure for spinal cord injury. 


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