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All that you want from headphones when you run or exercise

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Monday 13th April 2015

Product review: Tracey Moggeridge puts the MIIEGO AL3 Freedom Woman headphones to the test

MIIEGO AL3 Freedom Woman

What do you want from headphones when you run or exercise? Recently at the gym with my old wired ones, it was not to be schlepped in the face by the wires as I throw weights around my head.

Cue the MIIEGO AL3 Freedom headphones, for women.  Cue no wires, no schlepping.  Cue also a ridiculously easy set up so long as you have Bluetooth, oh and a gasp of shock when you stick them over your ears and find yourself enveloped in a rich delivery of your favourite musical delights. 

Immediately I found myself ignoring my partner for favour of these ‘wicked headphones’ – I holler in his general direction, thus is the depth of the audio quality, and duly set off for a scenic run to put them through their paces.

Now, to the findings: They fit comfortably, no rubbing, pinching or ear discomfort, as can often be the way with over the ear fits. I put them through a 1.5 hour run with no discomfort at all.

The sound quality is impressive, have I told you that?  A further unexpected test was when my mum called me mid-run and even though the wind was whipping around like a good-un, she managed to hear everything I said.  You can pause your music with one deft touch to your right ear (this hand to ear motion will bring out the closet Spook in you – be warned), fast forward tracks or rewind and replay Pharrell’s ‘Get Happy’ to your heart’s content.

You get a battery indicator on your iphone/IOS device allowing you to track when they need re-charging, and with an impressive 7-8 hours of life it won't be all that often.

The situational awareness is neat too in that you don’t hear your chia, apple and pumpkin seed run-fuel rattling around in your arm band above the music (yes I am that runner), but you will hear the ditsy Audi driver revving behind you. I cannot rate them highly enough, they really do exactly what they say on their small, lightweight and perfectly formed case.

About AL3 Freedom Woman

AL3 Freedom Woman from MIIEGO are on-ear wireless headphones - designed for Sport - comfortable and stable to wear and with long battery time. Due to the soft and flexible neckband, AL3 Freedom Woman will stay in place and let you focus on your training and performance. The length of the neck wire is a little shorter for AL3 Woman than for AL3 Freedom, so this size will fit smaller heads better.

On iPhones/iOS devices you can see the battery status of AL3 wireless headphones on your smartphone screen.

AL3 Freedom Woman will give you premium stereo sound quality and with the built-in microphone it is easy to make and take calls. Volume, tracks, pause and taking calls are easily controlled with the buttons on the side of the headphones.

AL3 Freedom Woman can be folded, so you can carry them in your pocket or in the water-resistant MIIEGO protective case that is included in the pack.

Once you have started your exercise, you will never again need to have your device/phone in your hands. AL3 Freedom Woman will let you focus on your training and sport.


  • Bluetooth version: 4.0
  • Works with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Battery indicator on iPhones/iOS devices
  • Wireless range: Up to 10 meters
  • Music time: 7 hours
  • Talk: 7 hours
  • Standby: 250 hours
  • Charging time: 2-3 hours
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery (3.7V/100mAh)
  • Weight: 41 grams
  • Size: One size
  • RRP: £54.95

Find out more at: miiego.com/en/products/al3-freedom-woman


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