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Last entries available for Ehunmilak's 2015 mountain races

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Monday 1st June 2015

Race news: Up to 4 UTMB points are up for grabs at the Ehunmilak 2015, but be quick as entries close on June 4, 2015

The sixth edition of the mountain races that form Ehunmilak is promising a great leap forward, both in the reputation and projection of the event. The event offers three distances for the first time (42k-88k-168k), opening it up to all levels of trail Runners.

The sixth Ehunmilak Ultratrail will close registration June 4th for its 42k-88k-168k mountain races, with a record offer of 1.250 bibs

All 500 entries for 88k sold out. Last slots availble to run 42k or 68k

Full info & Registration in english available at www.ehunmilak.com

The trails cover two beatiful natural parks, summiting two Basque mountaineering icons, the Txindoki and Aizkorri peaks.

For the first time in its history, the races are selling out its entries ahead of time. At the moment, out of the initial 1250 places available, only about 300 remain. None of them for the 88km race.

As for the quality of the field, most of the podiums from previous years are coming back again, accompanied by runners from around the world. The “txapela” (basque beret awarded as trophy) has crowned great names before, such as: Silvia Trigueros (Spain Ultra Champion 2014), Xari Adrian (Spain Ultra Champion 2013), Nerea Martinez (Winner UT Mount Fuji, Transgrancanaria, etc..), Imanol Aleson (Winner Euskal Raid & Costa Brava Extrem) or Javi Domínguez-Ledo (Winner Hiru Haundiak 100k) among others.

There are UTMB qualifying points awarded - 1 point for finishing its Marathon, 3 for the 88k and 4 points for the 168k (topping its own scale). Moreover, the renowned HardRock 100 Miles lists this basque 100 miler from Gipuzkoa as its only qualifying race in Spain.

But, as any veteran from basque trail Running will tell you, what makes Running on these mountains unique is the warmth and passion that the 1.500 volunteers and thousands of fans shower upon each and every runner.

The magic sound of the “txalaparta” (basque stone xylophon played with wood logs) upon your steps as sun rises over the Txindoki, or the blast of emotion as they run the home strech to the Plaza Mayor de Beasaín, are definitely memories that last a lifetime for many of the Runners that come here from the world over. They come for the race. They return because of the warmth felt.  

Next July 10th, once again with the full colaboration from the regional  authorities at Diputación Gipuzkoa, the Goierri Tourism Board and the Ternua Premium outdoor Brand, this sixth edition will take off. The target beyond, to allow more and more people to come enjoy the trails and mounts of Gipuzkoa, sharing steps, great food and hearty laughs with its people, who understand, appreciate and support endurance ahtletes as few other spots in the planet Gipuzkoa.

For further info please visit: www.ehunmilak.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ehunmilakultratrailg2h
Twitter: @ehunmilakg2


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