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Tasty, real food at last!

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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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Product feature: Ben Abdelnoor reviews 33Shake for Run247 and is impressed by the ingredients list

So I’m starting to really tire of protein powders, sweet and sickly recovery drinks, sugary chocolate milk, tins of tuna and all the usual recovery supplements, powders, food and drinks… When along comes 33Shake with an exciting range of wholesome-looking shakes – tasty, real food at last!

The London based company 33Shake have taken the bull by the horns and decided to create a product that is honest, natural and very tasty. Of course this comes with a larger price-tag, but it’s what you expect when you compare frozen 40% meat burgers to a 100% Aberdeen Angus hand-crafted artisan burger...  You won’t regret it.

Finally there’s a product I look forward to tucking into post-race, or after a long run. There are three flavours to chose, and I’ve yet to settle on a favourite: Original, Cacao and Mocha. It’s a case of simply blending the sachet into any combination of water, milk or drink of your choosing and enjoy.

Tasty, real food at last!

The ingredients list is a who’s-who of nutritious, healthy, often organic, unprocessed foods, without the additivies and preservatives so often found in your run-of-the-mill processed rubbish. From the foodie geek to the dubious-minded, the 33Shake website will provide a fascinating breakdown of the ingredients list into an explanation of everything that goes into their shakes.

Who knew goji berries contain more vitamin C than oranges, acai berries outstrip blueberries for antioxidants and spirulina has a higher percentage of protein than steak?

33Shake have only been going since 2012, but are a British company producing, as they say: honest, natural and a better product. I can’t find fault with that, and wish them all the best!

Find out more about 33Shake at their website: www.33shake.com

Check out this article to watch an interview with 33Shake founder Warren Pole


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