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You will laugh, you may shed a tear and your ears will be ringing from the roar of the wind!

by Britta Sendlhofer
Friday 26th June 2015

Review: The Official Montane Spine Race Film

Generally, life for the modern man and woman is pretty structured, predictable and safe. We are however constantly overwhelmed with information from all directions; TV and radio, phones, emails and the internet; news and gossip stream through social media and knowledge is 'cheap'. The speed and energy required to keep up with the flow of information can be exhausting at times. Eventually we become dull to all but the most sensationalist stories.

This is mirrored in our sport as well. Some time ago, finishing a marathon was a big deal - and it still is for those who cross the finish line! However, if the aim is to attract attention or to collect sponsorship, 'just' running a marathon no longer seems to be enough. Going further and faster, probably in fancy dress and against all odds, is what gets you 'Likes' on Facebook and warrants a fancy hashtag on Twitter or followers to your blog.

Is that really what it's all about though?

Many of us feel a need to push our physical and mental boundaries to the extreme, not for attention, but to find some 'freedom'. Because once you are tired, cold and hungry enough, it is the simple things that begin to matter again! Great satisfaction comes from conquering your demons, but a fresh pair of socks might be all that's on your mind for hours. Wrapping your hands around a hot cup of tea may be the highlight of your day. Sharing a few tough miles on the trails in silence may make for a lifelong friendship!

Those who have pushed and found their boundaries are often the most humble and generous people! Maybe because they have found 'that place' where they got away from the pressures of everyday life and found out how to focus on the moment.

Not everyone is able or willing to take an event of the magnitude of the Montane Spine Race!

The event website explains: "The MONTANE® Spine Race is a 268 mile, non-stop, uncompromising winter challenge encompassing the entire Pennine Way. Widely recognised as one of the most demanding National Trails in Britain. The Pennine Way crosses some of the most beautiful and, at times difficult terrain found in England, including; the Peak District, Cheviots, Yorkshire Dales and Northumberland National Park – finishing on the Scottish Borders."

A challenge such as this does inspire more than just the gnarliest of runners, who are able to take on the challenge, though. Everyone will be able to relate to some aspect of the journey!

Local filmmakers Summit Fever Media teamed up with local, Settle based dealership Ribblesdale Land Rover to bring the story of the 2015 race to you. For seven days they followed the athletes, as they made their way from the start line in Edale in the Peak District, along the Pennine Way, in winter, selfsupported and nonstop, to Scotland.

The Montane Spine Race Film is now finished and will soon be available for download or on DVD from Summit Fever Media. It gives a great taste of the scale of this 'Great British Adventure', because, as Sir Ranulph Fiennes explains in the intro, "You do not have to leave these shores to chellenge yourself!"

The Montane Spine Race Film is a great way to get a taste of the ferocity of the weather, the beauty of the landscape and the humility, humour and determination of the characters involved in the race! Whether you are a experienced ultra-runner, or whether you are still trying to find the motivation to get off the sofa and start your running career, this film will give you a flavour of just how deep we can dig when we have to!

The courage and grit displayed by participants (and the organising team), as they head out into a dark winter's night, on a journey that pushes them to their physical and mental limits, makes for fantastic viewing.

The film is not so much about the race for first place, than it is about the cammeraderie that develops amongst the runners and the support team, the humor with which they face adversity and the humility that stems from the realisation that sometimes, even when we try our hardest, we can not succeed.

As you watch the film you will laugh, you may shed a tear and your ears will be ringing from the roar of the wind! Most likely you will also want to head out for your own adventure!

The Official Montane Spine Race Film will be available to download/stream for £10, on DVD for £15 and the DVD with extras will be £25.

You can pre-order the film and merchandise at www.summitfevermedia.com


About The Author

Britta Sendlhofer

Britta, originally from Austria, came to live in the Lake District in 1990.

Always in love with the mountains, the local hills and fells have since been her favourite ‘playground’. She spends much of her spare time exploring the hills – no matter what the season or the weather – always accompanied by her two Border Collies.

While the fells and trails are her first love, Britta has also completed 10 road marathons, before moving up to ultra events. Her biggest achievements are a Bob Graham Round, the Himalayan 100 mile stage race,the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc race and the Lakeland 100.


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