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Slow and steady burns fat

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Wednesday 22nd July 2015
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Less than 20% of people realise that slo-mo running can help burn fat as part of a summer weight loss programme

Less than 20% of people realise that slo-mo running can help burn fat as part of a Summer weight loss programme

New research from TomTom reveals that nearly 40% of Brits believe High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will see fast fat burn results - but less than 20% actually know that slow and steady running can be just as effective.

Weight loss is the reason that 60% of the nation starts a new training regime and more than one in ten (13%) plans to pull on their trainers and head out for a run to lose the pounds.

  • 69% of Brits consider themselves to be overweight.
  • 60% of Brits will start a new workout plan in order to lose weight and burn fat to fit into their bikini’s or boardshorts
  • One in ten (13%) turn to running to lose weight
  • A quarter (25%) of Brits use impending Summer months as a reason to undertake a new fitness regime
  • 20% admit a forthcoming holiday is enough to get them off the couch to exercise
  • Almost a fifth said that using a heart rate monitor to analyse their training had helped them lose weight

Notably nearly a fifth (18%) of those who had used a heart rate monitor to train stated that it had helped them lose weight. 57% also believed it had helped them to understand how their body responds to exercise and 29% felt it helped hone their technique and achieve their goals.

Heart rate training is made much easier by use of the TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Sport Watch with a built-in heart rate monitor to make it easy to run in optimal heart rate zones, and provides real-time running information.

“Using a heart rate monitor is a very effective way to keep track of how your fitness regime is working for you and where you’re improving, especially if you’re trying to achieve specific goals such as weight loss” explains diet and fitness expert Laura Williams*.  “Various studies have found that maintaining a slow and steady pace, and keeping your heart at a target BPM, helps burn fat so it’s worth accurately measuring the intensity of your efforts and matching your training goal to your heart rate zones to optimize your training.”

Less than 20% of people realise that slo-mo running can help burn fat as part of a Summer weight loss programme

For more information visit www.tomtom.com/en_gb/sports/running/heart-rate-training/


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