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Challenge yourself, change your life, take part in a Kent Ultra Marathon

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Thursday 20th August 2015

Event news: The Challenge Hub, famous for its Ultra Marathons races in East Kent, has announced its events for 2016

The Challenge Hub offers are range of challenging races that exceed the standard marathon distance of 26 miles.  Each event is set in a safe route in Reculver, near Herne Bay in East Kent

The Challenge Hub, famous for its Ultra Marathons races in East Kent, has announced its events for 2016

The events are as follows:

Moonlight ChallengeMoonlight Challenge

Saturday 20th February

  • Can you run 32.75 miles in the winter with a cut off point of 8 hours?
  • (Limit of 100 challengers): £45.00

Moonlight Challenge*Tag team of 2*

  • £55.00: Limit of 10 teams

50 Miles Challenge50 Miles Challenge

Sunday 17th July

  • Can you run 52.96 miles with a cut off point of 15 hours?
  • (Limit of 100 challengers):£55.00

50 Miles Challenge *Tag team of 2*

  • £65.00: Limit of 10 teams

24 Hour Challenge24 Hour Challenge

Saturday/Sunday 14/15th May

  • How far can you get in 24 hours?
  • (Limit of 50 challengers) £70.00

24 Hour Challenge *Tag team of 2*

  • £80.00: Limit of 10 teams

Each event is held at Brook Farm, Reculver, near Canterbury chosen is a safe 6.62 mile lap which allows competitors the option of dropping out whenever they wish. The route is fully signed and marshaled with first aid and water stations provided.

The Challenge Hub is again allowing Tag Teams to take part in each challenge, providing an opportunity for those wishing to take part, but want a slightly less daunting experience. 

Mike Inkster, Director of Challenge Hub said, ‘The Challenges are not races. They have a simple purpose: to give individuals the opportunity to take on a challenge that tests both mental and physical fortitude in a safe, well organised environment.  There are a lot of people who are looking to push themselves, define themselves...these events do that’.

He added, ‘We are committed to making everyone feel welcome and cared for, whilst remembering that the Challenges are tough and are probably going to cause most people a degree of pain and discomfort. However, we also believe that everyone who takes up a Challenge will know more about themselves when they finish than they did when they started. Whilst we do our best to offer every encouragement possible to help you achieve the objective ultimately it will be your mental and physical strengths that carry you through’.

Each Challenge offers a safe and picturesque setting for either an individual or team to take part in.  The challenge will be physical but more importantly will test you mentally! How will you cope as the hours tick by? Are you interested in seeing how you will respond to the body wanting you to stop? You can enter either solo or as a tag team.  Tag teams will have to decide the best tactics and the team ethic!

Mike said, ‘Everyone who takes part in any one of our Challenges is a winner...no matter how far they get. Everyone who completes a Challenge gets the same medal regardless of the ‘position’ in which they finish’. We like to treat the last person home as equally as the first.’

All the details are on our website and you can enter online using the PayPal option with any major credit card (you don’t need an account) or by post with a cheque.

If you have any questions regarding the Challenges then please do get in touch by email or ‘phone and we will do our best to help.

We look forward to seeing you in 2016.

Find out more at: www.challengehub.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Challenge-Hub/213159618729972
Twitter: twitter.com/ChallengeHub


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