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The 2015 Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® is under way!

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Tuesday 25th August 2015
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Race news: La Petite Trotte à Léon (PTL®) - 300km  in a maximum of 142 hrs - is the first of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® events and has started yesterday (August 24) at 17:30, marking the beginning of a week of madness

109 teams of two or three runners have set off on a big adventure at the heart of the Mont-Blanc massif in complete autonomy. The first finishers are expected to arrive on August 28th around 21:30.

At the dawning of the 13th year, the organisers are admitting that the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® is no longer 'a simple race'. It has become a unique event in the domain of ultra-endurance, passing beyond a simple sporting event.

In the five events participants of differing levels, from elite to unknown, from around the world come together to participate at least once in their lives! They come from 87 different countries and share with the organisation, all those who work with it, as well as the  2,000 volunteers, the passion and values of trail-running: equity, solidarity, respect for oneself, others and the environment.

The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® combines three neighbouring countries around an exceptional route and an emblematic summit - the Mont Blanc - and involves the communes, valorising the resources of the territory.

A true engine, it is also has a  factor of innovation and research in the domains of health and the environment. A race which is implicated in the future of a discipline which is expanding rapidly, and in the promotion of the values of trail-running. The whole week runs at the rhythm of the conferences, animations and the Ultra -Trail® Salon which attracts 140 exhibitors.

Sporting line-up at the summit

The best trail runners in the world have answered "present". In the total of 4 races, the OCC, CCC®, TDS® and UTMB® and the PTL®, there are a total  7 500 runners and amongst them, 140 elite athletes on an international level who could take different podium places.

OCC: A confrontation USA/France ?

At the forefront, the American Dylan Bowman and the 2015 World Champion, the Frenchman Sylvain Court, who particularly likes this distance. As  outsiders the Spaniard Marc Pinsach Rubirola or the French Français Bertrand Brochot, Stéphane Ricard or even the Italian Mattéo Lucchese. The Swiss mountain Ueli Steck, who has just climbed the 82 summits in the Alps of more than 4 000 m in 62 days, making it a record, will also be at the start. 9th in the 2014 Eiger Ultra-Trail® 2014, he will be one to follow closely!...

For the women, the same  franco-american « combat » is expected between Yiou Wang (USA) and Megan Lizotte (USA) and Celia Chiron (FR) or Virginie Covignon (FR).

The  CCC®: United States /France?

There, also the forecast promises great American and French breakaways. Coming from the other side of the Atlantic Zach Miller, (5th   2014 Grand Trail des Templiers), Chris Vargo, 2014 winner of the Uroc (Ultra Race of Champions) 100 or Tim Tollefson will meet the Frenchman Français Sébastien Spehler, winner of the 2015 6000D and Champion of France in trail-running in 2013. It will also be important to watch the Spaniard Miguel Caballero Ortega ?

For the women, Magdalena Boulet (USA), winner of the Run 2015 The Western States 100 Mile Endurance will be the big favourite along with  Ruth Croft (NZL), 2nd  in the 2015 Tarawera ultra-marathon (103km) and another American, Alicia Shay.

THE TDS®: A Franco/Spanish podium?

Difficult to make a forecast as this race is so open. Pau Bartolo winner of the  CCC® in 2014 would like to cross the line as a hero. But he has to conquer Jordi Bes, his Spanish compatriot who finished 3rd in the  TDS® in 2014 and who knows the race very well. The French are certainly very present with Antoine Guillon, 2nd in the 2013 TDS® , and 3rd in the  Transgrancanaria and the  Vibram Hong Kong100 in 2015 and Clément Petitjean 4th in the Mont-Blanc 80 km in 2014.

Guillaume Peretti, record holder for the  GR 20 and the Chinese Chinois Jiagen Yang, could produce a surprise.

For the women, one has to count on Janesa Taylor (USA) winner of the  2015  Badger Mountain Challenge and the  Antelope Canyon -100 mile and also Andrea Huser (CH), 1st in the  Swiss Irontrail and 2nd in the 2015 Eiger Ultra Trail . One must not however forget  Agnès Hervé (FRA), 1st in 2012  TDS® or Cristina Bes Ginesta (ESP).

The UTMB®: A Spaniard on the top of the podium?

The Spaniard Miguel Heras has run the UTMB® several times in the pack without ever arriving as the winner. Will this be his revenge? His compatriot Luis Alberto Hernando could also reach the podium, so could Tofol Castener, 2nd in the 2014 UTMB®. One can also count on the Canadian Sage Canaday, the American David Laney, the South African Ryan Sandes or even the Lithuanian Gediminas Grinius. We mustn't forget either, the French ! Xavier Thévenard would love to have a second victory for the UTMB® after that of 2013 while Sébastien Chaigneau comes back on form and Julien Chorier could surprise us! Withdrawal due to injury of the Americans Rob Krahr (winner of the 2015 WSR 100 Miles) and Anton Krupicka foresees good battles and great surprises.

For the women, the race promises great suspense. Nuria Picas (ESP) has always won honourable places for the a  UTMB® and this year it could be hers ! 2nd in 2014, winner of the 2014 Ultra-Trail® World Tour, she has already in2015 won the The North Face Transgrancanaria and finished 4th in The Western States Endurance Run.

Stephanie Howe (USA), 3rd in the 2015 The Western States Endurance Run, is without doubt one of the main adversaries. But, one must also watch the French girls of whom Nathalie Mauclair, 2015 World Champion of trail-running, 3rd in the 2014UTMB®  and certainly Caroline Chaverot, winner this year of the Eiger Ultra-Trail® and theThe North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail®. Francesca Canepa (ITA), Uxue Fraile (ESP), Nicole Suder (USA) et Fernanda Maciel (BRA) are also on the list for a possible podium place !

See all the favourites at :


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