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Sportable - a free app that takes the hassle out of organising your sport!

by Paul Shanley
Monday 14th September 2015
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Product feature: Sportable, the mobile app that enables team captains, local athletes and fitness fanatics to organise and discover activities

Sportable, the mobile app that enables team captains, local athletes and fitness fanatics to organise and discover activities

As of July 2015 there are 1.5 million Apps to download from the Apple i-store (ref: www.statista.com/statistics/276623/number-of-apps-available-in-leading-app-stores ). There literally are apps for everything you can think of. The world of running is well catered for and a search for running gives you just under 7,000 apps (a lot of these are games, so not completely relevant). So when I was told about a new app launched in the App Store called Sportable, I have to say I wasn’t that excited.

The Sportable website (www.sportableapp.com) describes the App as “A mobile application that allows recreational sports players to discover and organise local activities”. Again, I wasn’t particularly excited by this description, as I don’t have a problem organising my running or finding people to run with it. Is this App trying to solve a problem that just does not exist or add complexity to something that isn’t that complex?

To find out more I was told to download the App and that a run would be set up via the App where we would meet the founders of the company and also see how it all functions. The first good thing about the App is that it’s Free, so after a quick download and, as you would expect these days, a quick easy registration process, my phone soon vibrated, inviting me along to a 'Run With Sportable'.

The invite gives time, location and specific activity and who was coming along ('the players' as they call it). There is also space for additional info, which in this case was that the run would be followed by some snacks and a Q&A with the founders. As well as being able to navigate to the location using the phones map function you can also chat-message with everyone going to the event, which is really useful. 

Sportable, the mobile app that enables team captains, local athletes and fitness fanatics to organise and discover activities

I was running a bit late and ended up texting a message to one of the organisers to let them know and in hindsight this is where the App really comes into play. Had I thought about it, then the chat function would have been much more useful to tell the group (They could even have started the run without me and told me where they were going to go).
Using the map function I found the venue easily (The Timberyard on Old Street https://tyuk.com) and was introduced to the two founders of Sportable, Aya Ahmad and Adam Dewji. Aya had played volleyball and basketball at an international level and Adam was also a volleyball player and keen footballer.

The idea behind the App was very much to try to take some of the hassle out of organising people to get together to play sport.

Aya gave an example of having organised games of Volleyball. It would only take a couple of people not turning up to give her some extra headaches, having to try to fill those places, so that everyone could play. The App allows someone to take the lead in setting up the event, but the responsibility is then shared - so if someone can’t make it they can let the group know (via the chat facility) and everyone can then look to see if they can get other people to fill these places. For team sports I can see this being of real benefit and having been involved in putting on games of football after work myself, the App would be really useful. 

The ability to follow people and have friends via the App is also really good. You could organise sporting events via Twitter or Facebook, but it is actually nice to be able to have all your sporting friends in one place, particularly some that you don’t want to cross over into the more personal aspect of your life (again organising events with work is a good example of this).

As well as a sporting background, the Co founders have a strong business background, with Adam having set up his first business when he was nine and Aya being a graduate of the London School of Economics. The ongoing plans for the App are still developing but over time more and more sporting venues will be added to the App, allowing you to search for and find venues. The functionality to actual book venues is also planned, along with the ability to be 'discoverable' - you can say 'I want to play tennis this afternoon and I am in Liverpool' and find players. You can even just look to see what you can do in a certain area and see what games you can get involved in. 

Both Adam and Ayr are really living the brand - a lot of the marketing is encouraging people to try lots of new sports and both of them are getting involved in trying as many new sports as they can. 

As for the run? Well that was a nice social run around London, led by the fascinating and lovely Amy Hughes, who ran 53 marathons in 53 days in 2014. Amy is full of energy and it was a joy to chat to her about her running, although she couldn’t tell us her future plans as they were top secret, but we are hoping to hear them soon! (You can follow Amy on Twitter @53Marathons).

Sportable, the mobile app that enables team captains, local athletes and fitness fanatics to organise and discover activities

So afterwards was I excited about the App?

Yes I was. Although not necessarily made for runners to meet up, it does this job really well and it could be a great way for running clubs to set up training runs and events. For team sports it works really well and having had the App for a couple of weeks now, it has got me thinking about doing other sports.

So when you have a moment download it from the Apple App store HERE and let us know what you think!  (Android version is coming very soon!) 


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