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The motion powered safety light for runners that never gives up

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Tuesday 15th September 2015
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Product news: Check out this clever safety light that has just launched (and exceeded funding within two weeks) on Kickstarter. Like it or not, the days are getting shorter and being seen as you run is an important aspect of your safety!

The motion powered safety light for runners that never gives up

Million Mile Light is a lightweight, ultra bright safety light for runners that’s powered by motion.  Clip it on and run. No batteries or recharging required. Launched on Kickstarter on 24th August.

Video: Million Mile Light - One Minute Teaser from Positively Human on Vimeo.

“We don't like planned obsolescence but we do like planned endurance. We think you should be able to run the world without costing the earth and the Million Mile Light is powered by you, to keep you safe - so you can shine bright and run the night.” - Tom Lawton, Inventor of the Million Mile Light

As you run, this clever little light transforms your energy into a pulse of bright white light, to keep you visible when the daylight fades. Named the Million Mile Light because of its long-lasting and resilient design, it delivers a highly sustainable solution to personal running safety. 

The motion powered safety light for runners that never gives up

Deliberately simple, this device is an effortless performer. Simply clip it on and run, confident that it will always help keep you visible and safe.

No bigger than a pack of gum and only 36g in weight it simply attaches to the waistband provided. Visible from over 200m and weather proof for all seasons, it won't let you down. For optimum visibility use one on your front and one on your back.

It's engineered to never give up and it won't miss a step. Oh, and it never needs batteries and it never needs charging because it's powered by you.

"We've taken the time to get the design right, to conduct extensive trials with all types of runners and iron out any potential problems. We've built and tested over 100 prototypes and we’ve also engaged heavily with our production-manufacturing partner throughout the development process. So this is not a concept product, it’s truly manufacturing ready and we are ready to push the button on our production moulds right now. We will be offering a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on every product - but it's designed to last many more."

The husband and wife team behind Million Mile Light is seeking support to get the product to market and launching a Kickstarter campaign on 24th August. When in the shops the product will retail for £19.99 ($30 USD) but Kickstarter supporters can pledge for them ahead of production for £15 (approx. $23.50 USD).

Early birds can get their hands on one for a pledge of just £12 ($19 USD) and the team is looking to raise their target of £35,000 to get the Million Mile Light into production.

The motion powered safety light for runners that never gives up

Photo: Tom Lawton, Inventor of the Million Mile Light, with Charlie Dark, Founder of Run Dem Crew

What people are saying

'Ideal for running in the dark!' - Geoff Wightman, MD for Run Britain & British Athletics

'I would buy one, because I run at night and I want to be safe and there hasn't been a good running light until now' - Charlie Dark, Founder of Run Dem Crew

Tom with Charlie Dark, Founder of Run Dem Crew
Tom with Charlie Dark, Founder of Run Dem Crew

'The Million Mile Light by Positively Human is a brilliant invention for urban runners' - Alastair Humphreys, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

'I think it's great and definitely easy to carry. And I haven't gotten hit by any more cars since then' - Barclay Udersluys, Project Gump

'We encourage all road users to look after their own welfare and the welfare of others. Whilst ultimate responsibility lies with the drivers of vehicles, the Million Mile Light is an effective way to ensure runners can be seen when out on the roads during times of low visibility' - Joe Burns from Brake, the road safety charity

'I've just backed this fabulous idea. Motion powered light for #runners. It's SUCH a top idea. A life saver' - Suzi Perry, BBC TV Personality and Gadget Connoisseur


For more information please visit: www.millionmilelight.com  or www.positively-human.com

See the Kickstarter campaign here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/millionmilelight/million-mile-light-motion-powered-safety-light-for


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