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Stinky shoes? Put a Banana in them!

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Wednesday 16th September 2015
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Product feature: Phil Osband and Alexandra Bowers are a couple of entrepreneurs totally bananas about saving the world from fruity feet!

Rock climbing instructor Phil Osband and his modelmaking partner Alexandra Bowers, inventors of Boot Bananas, the fun, super effective shoe deodoriser, are set to release a new product video on Tuesday which hints at the reason why they were compelled to start up a business together.

"We’d just moved into our first flat together and the smell of Phil’s climbing shoes had become a problem he could no longer hide. We tried everything on the market to deodorise them but nothing was up to the challenge. So, putting our best feet forward, we decided to fight the funk ourselves.

"Wanting to avoid any synthetic chemicals, we perfected our own powerful blend of naturally deodorising salts and minerals. Alex got to work designing the optimum shoe-friendly shape, and when combining this with yellow fabric, had her ‘light bulb moment’ and Boot Bananas were born. In our first year we hand-made nearly 8000 Boot Bananas from home, before teaming up with Troll Outdoors in 2013. Today, our Boot Bananas are made by their dedicated team in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

"The fun, distinctive yellow bananas also makes a great talking point out of an embarrasing problem. Our ultimate goal is to be the active persons new best friend. We want to remove the stigma and smell from sweaty sports shoes and encourage more people to live active, healthier lifestyles. We are saving the world from fruity feet!"

Boot Bananas

Boot Bananas are available from our website www.bootbananas.com

Retail price £13.00

Run247 are currently testing the Boot Bananas, so we will report back soon!


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