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An OCR shakes up its little black book to bring you new challenges

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Tuesday 22nd September 2015
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OCR news: Prepare to Survive as the world’s biggest urban obstacle race series kicks off this Sunday

Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest is the UK’s longest-established OCR series and kicks off in Cardiff this Sunday. Nearly 4000 Survivors will take on the 10k route, with an impressive 50 obstacles awaiting them at each 2015 location. They’ll join over 200,000 Survivors who have clambered over the Wall of Fame in Cardiff, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Manchester and London over the last few years.

Organised by Britain’s biggest OCR outfit Rat Race Adventure Sports, Survival brings fast-paced urban courses to five major city centres in the UK and this December, it’s going global with the first international date in Sydney on December 12th. Alongside the classic 10k courses, this year’s UK series brings two half marathons and a night-time 5k into the mix too. These routes are pure Rat Race, with plenty of action, oodles of atmosphere and that edgy urban take on OCR, which has remained unique world-wide.

Jim Mee, Head Honcho of Rat Race says: “Survival has been many peoples’ intro to OCR. It’s like an old friend – good fun, dependable and reliable. Everything works as you would expect at a Rat Race event – it exudes quality. These races are also unique in their urban positioning and unique in their own rights – no two courses are the same. 2015 is the year this old friend shakes up their little black book however – it’s time for a shed load of new obstacles and a sun tan down under as we finally export some of our finest quality UK OCR. Watch this space for what we do next.”

New for 2015, headline sponsor Renault are also throwing their weight behind the series. The Mount KADJAR Travelator is a monstrous new obstacle that will feature in every Survival city, along with many of the Survival classics plus a whole host of never-before-seen obstacles that Rat Race are rolling out for the 2015 season. Official Apparel Sponsor New Balance is also throwing a massive strength and balance test into the mix with The New Balance Big Rig. Take on Hang Tough, Plank Traverse, Pipe Dreams and Tumbling Monkey one after another in a heavy-duty upper-body encounter.

Brand New Obstacles:

Renault UK Mount KADJAR Travelator

Renault UK Mount KADJAR Travelator

Taking inspiration from classic 90s TV and built by the same factory who made the originals! The huge new travelator obstacle comes to every Survival event in the season and features a parked Renault KADJAR balanced perfectly between the 2 specially commissioned conveyors.

The New Balance Big Rig

Inspired by cross-training gym workouts, this is heavy on the upper-body and requires a fair degree of flexibility. If you fall off any of the 4 sections, 4 perfectly placed water features will break your fall.

Survive ‘n’ Slide

The classic Survival Slip ‘n’ Slide is stepping up a notch to send you hurtling down heavily lubed plastic for 50m minimum in all locations. In London the Survive ‘n’ Slide will form part of a fearsome combination with ‘The Big One,’ (a 24 foot triple stacked vertical wall combo), delivering the fastest-paced finish line in OCR bar none.

Drunken Monkey

Long known for the beer tent keg carry, 2015 will see Survival change this up a bit and offer a Monkey bar/ keg hybrid…leave your beer goggles at the door as this is one messed-up looking monkey bar rig.

The Radiator

An easy up and an awkward down. Looks like a radiator and will make you feel the burn.

Johnny’s Balls

Get on your hands and knees and play with Johnny’s Balls as you negotiate your way through the ultimate ball pool.


Those familiar with Rat Race’s epic Dirty Weekend may remember the totally unique (and rather rude-looking) “Knobstacles,” which will be making cameo appearances in Nottingham and Manchester’s Super Survival Half Marathons.

Unique Obstacles in each Host City:

Photo: Nottingham Stunt Jump

  • Cardiff: Ride the rapids at the International White Water Centre at ‘The Wild One’ in Cardiff - 27th September. Entries Close at Midnight on Wednesday.
  • Nottingham: Take a massive stunt jump onto an airbag from an articulated truck at ‘The Wet One’ in Nottingham - 10th October.
  • Edinburgh: Ascend the iconic Radical Road to Arthur’s Seat at ‘The Hilly One’ in Edinburgh - 18th October.
  • Manchester: Jump in a canal or two (the water’s lovely) at ‘The Muddy One’ in Manchester      7th November.
  • London: The Big One meets Slip ‘n’ Slide at ‘The Big One’ in London’s Wembley Park - 21st November.

Photo: The Big One meets Survive-n-Slide

Super Survival Half Marathon

Take on 21km of Survival punishment in Nottingham and Manchester. After the inaugural event in Nottingham in 2014, a non-lapped course is being added to Manchester for 2015. 75 obstacles minimum and a whole lot of hurt.

London Night 5km

Take on ‘The Intense One’ at the London Survival of the Fittest Night 5km race. Face the majority of the obstacles from the daytime race in half the distance and do it in the dark under floodlights at Wembley. Think you can do the double? Take on London Day and Night to race them back-to-back.

Entry to all 2015 Survival events are open until capacity is reached. Entry to Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest Cardiff closes at Midnight on Wednesday and this event is almost sold out. Waves are selling out across all cities. Prices vary depending on entry type. Enter in September as a Team of 5 from £60pp or from £55pp as a Team of 10.

Vist www.mhsurvival.co.uk for more information


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