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Tribesports: A community-powered sportswear range with crowd-sourced designs

by kirsty
Friday 6th November 2015

Product review: When Run247 columnist Kirsty Reade was given some Tribesports products to review, she did her homework and took a closer look at the brand

The world is full of big global brands who dominate industries but every now and then the little guy comes along and plays a blinder!

I have to admit that I didn’t know a lot about Tribesports, only that they do the milestone t-shirts for parkrun (which immediately gave me a feel-good factor) and that their kit is very nice. So when they sent us some kit to try out I thought I’d find out a bit about them. And the more I found out, the more of a warm and fuzzy feeling I got about them.

Firstly, Tribesports launched with a kickstarter campaign in 2013, hence they created ‘a community-powered sportswear range’. This ethos continues with crowd-sourced design (for example they ask the community for feedback about new designs, colours and even details such as pocket size). They’re a community-powered brand and who doesn’t feel good about being involved in something like that?

Secondly, they have an emphasis on grass roots. They’re not about big name endorsements, they’re about the little guy. The middle of the pack runner, the gym goer, the parkrunner, they’re about you and me.

And because they’re about you and me, their kit is very affordable. For instance, the running kit that I tried out was:

Long-sleeved top - £26
(very nice wicking fabric, you could barely feel you were wearing it, stretchy without being skintight, lovely turquoise colour, good ventilated side and back panels)

Capri running tights - £32.50
(lovely fabric, good fit over tummy to avoid that ‘overspill’ feeling, useful zip pocket at the back)

2 in 1 running shorts - £28
(do you like tight shorts because they reduce bum wobble? But do you feel a bit self-conscious in them? Or maybe you like baggy shorts but don’t like the way seedy men glance up them when you’re in a compromising position in the gym? These are the shorts for you! 2 shorts in 1 are a win-win)

I thought that these were very reasonable prices and there was no compromise on quality. The products are well-designed, with great fabric (which washes well and doesn’t lose its elasticity) and very stylish.

How do they pull this off at lower prices than other companies with similar quality kit?

Well, the other thing I didn’t know about Tribesports was that they have broken the mould in terms of the business model. They don’t pour money into multimillion pound ad budgets, retail space and celebrity endorsements. They pour the money into developing a great product and they deliver it at a great price for us. And in return, the community spreads the word. I love it.

I’m really pleased to have found out more about Tribesports and to have had the opportunity to try some of the products. I’m definitely joining their community and will definitely be buying their kit in future, particularly as they send you a nice discount voucher when you sign up to their newsletter!

Find out more about Tribesports and take a look at their range of clothing at tribesports.com


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