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UTMB® : 2016 Registration opens

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Thursday 17th December 2015
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Race news: How to experience a fabulous adventure, through 5 ultra-endurance events around Mont-Blanc!

UTMB® : 3 countries - 170 km & 10,000 m ascent-  2,300 runners
Start: Friday at 18:00 from Chamonix - 47 hours max

CCC®: 3 countries - 100km & 6000 m  ascent - 1,900 runners
Start: Friday at 9:00 from Courmayeur -  26:30 hours max

TDS® : 119 km & 7250 m ascent - 1,600 runners
Start: Wednesday at 6:00 from Courmayeur - 33 hours max. 

OCC : 55 km & 3,300 ascent - 1,200 runners
Start: Thursday at 8:15 from Orsières - 14 hours max.

PTL® : 3 countries - around 290km & 26,500 m ascent in complete autonomy -
A non-stop event; 300 runners
Start; Monday at 09:00 from Chamonix - 152 hours max


2016 Registration

The next UTMB® will take place between 22nd and 28th August  2016.

As from December 16th, registration marks the beginning of  the next event and participation for 7500 runners; the start of an intense preparation which is going to last for several months.

All the UTMB® races take place on a route using paths around Mont-Blanc which are sometimes just a single track. For reasons of safety, respect for the environment and the quality of the races, - as few bottlenecks as possible - the number of runners is limited. Since 2009, facing the surge in the requests for registration, the organisation has set up a selection method, the fairest possible.

After a period of pre-registration, it proceeds to a draw if necessary. There is no waiting list, all registration will be managed through over-booking in anticipation of cancellations. So, from January 13th, all runners know whether they are participating and have the same time to prepare themselves.

Registration is made exclusively at : www.ultratrailmb.com

From when to when?

The period of pre-registration is open between December 16th 2015 (10:00 Paris time) and January 5th 2016, during which time candidates must complete a registration form, including qualifying races, for the race of their choice.

This form will be validated  by the credit card payment of a 50€ deposit (online secure payment).


Qualifying races :

Registration for each race will only be possible for runners who have finished their qualifying races between January 1st 2014 and December 31st 2015. The list can be seen on our web-site, by clicking here.

The ITRA's - International Trail Running Association - race evaluation scale has recently evolved to integrate short distance trail-running races. The ITRA is from now on on going to evaluate races on a scale of 1 to 6 points. So the UTMB® which until now gave 4 points will now give 6 and the races which gave no points can now give 1 or 2. The number of points required to register for one of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® races is going to evolve gradually to adapt, without  making the registration conditions any harder.

For two years ( 2016 and 2017 registration), the organisation will post a dual scale of points, the old and the new, and each runner will be able to register in using the scale which is most advantageous for them. The list of qualifying races will from now on have both sets of points.

Points necessary to register :

  • UTMB® : 9 points (15 new points) acquired between 01/01/2014 and 31/12/2015
    (in a maximum of 3 races)
  • CCC® : 3 points (7 new points) acquired between  01/01/2014 and 31/12/2015
    (in a maximum of 2 races)
  • TDS® : 3 points (7 new points) acquired between  01/01/2014 and 31/12/2015 (in a maximum of 2 races)
  • OCC : 1 point (3 new points) acquired between  01/01/2014 and 31/12/2015
    (in a maximum of 2 races)

Points acquired by finishers :

  • UTMB® : 4 points / 6 new points
  • CCC® : 3 points / 5 new points
  • TDS® : 4 points / 6 new points
  • OCC : 1 point / 3 new points


If a draw is necessary, the results will be communicated on January 13th 2016 at 10:00 (Paris time)

The list of qualifying races, to date, contains 2 230 races in 83 different countries. All the continents are well represented. This gives the following distribution on the scale:  : 17 races with 1 point, 42 races with 2 points, 686 races with 3 points, 860 races with 4 points, 385  races with 5 points and 240 races with 6 points.

PTL® special

The Petite Trotte à Léon® is for teams of 2 or 3 inseparable and loyal members and is without final ranking. Teams participate in a rough mountain environment, requiring a certain technical, physical and mental level.

Beware of the change: from now on registration, for this the 9th year, is to be made by presenting a file stating the previous experience of each team member. Technical experience in a mountain environment, sporting history and individual and team motivation will be evaluated.

+ more information ultratrailmb.com/fr/page/264/Inscriptions%202016.html

Race fees :

  • UTMB® : 219 €
  • CCC® : 136 €
  • TDS®: 150 €
  • OCC : 73 €
  • PTL® : 690€ per team
  • #YCC : 30 €

Web: www.ultratrailmb.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/UltraTrailMontBlanc
Twitter: twitter.com/UTMBMontBlanc


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