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5 nutrition mistakes even the pros make

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Monday 22nd February 2016
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We’re going to take a look at some of the most common nutritional mistakes that people make, and despite what you may think, they are just as common with professionals as they are with us mere mortals! So without further ado, let’s get on with the top 5:
Skipping The Pre & Post-Workout Meal
One of the worst things you can do is skip your meals. Never avoid eating in the thought that your body will burn more fat after you’ve worked out if you don’t eat. The key times to eat are when you need energy i.e. when you wake up, before you are going to work out, when you have finished working out or at any other point in the day when you’ll be burning energy. The times not to eat are in the evening when you’re sat around relaxing on the sofa or during the day when you’re just at your desk in the office. It sounds simple, but many people have misconceptions about not eating and the body’s metabolism burning fat.
Stopping Eating Fruit Because Of Sugar
It is important to know that natural fruit sugar behaves very differently to refined, added sugar. The major difference is that fruit sugar doesn’t spike your blood-sugar levels in the same way that refined sugar does, it is digested slowly by your body which means your insulin levels don’t keep on going through the roof. The fructose found in fruit also helps to replenish your liver's glycogen store which is one of the key reasons behind when your body chooses to release energy.
Don’t Just Go Off Calorie Counting
Many people believe that if you stick to your calorie limit religiously then you’ll definitely lose weight, no matter what you eat. This may well be the case in the long run but you won’t lose weight anywhere near as quickly and you will find that it will be even more difficult to lose weight from those key areas like your stomach, bum and thighs. By eating snacks, fast food and ready-made meals you are again spiking your body's blood sugar levels and coercing it in to storing fat. Freshly made meals release sugar more evenly throughout the day, enabling you to avoid the hunger and keep a more stable diet.
Red Meat Is Still Good - In Moderation
A lot of people see red meat as the devil, especially when they are looking to lose weight. There are however some key vitamins and nutrients in it that we need to function healthily and build muscle. Red meat contains iron, zinc and vitamin B12 so just go for the leaner cuts and you can keep it as part of your diet. It is recommended to have an iron rich meal at least once a week, so why not add some kale or broccoli to it to boost your intake?
Make Use Of Spices Instead Of Sauces
One of the areas where calories can often be picked up without even realising is via sauces and condiments. That squirt of ketchup, dollop of mayonnaise or covering of gravy can really pile on the calories to your daily intake. Instead, look at using spices to give your food flavour, coat your chicken in a combination of mixed spices, paprika or chilli flakes to really kick it a bit of a kick!
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Sarah Hewitt is a prominent health blogger focusing primarily on food, nutrition and fitness. Sarah often writes on behalf of Monkey Nutrition (http://www.monkeynutrition.com) a healthy meat and vegetable home delivery website.

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