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Finding my running soul mate

by Caroline44
Thursday 10th March 2016
Running can be a solitary affair.  Finding a regular running partner who enjoys the same running terrain and runs at the same pace can be a challenge. Much of my running is done at extremely early o’clock, before the rest of my busy life wakes up.  Plus I have a penchant for exploring trails, with little regard to how long/how fast/how muddy they may be and will happily swim across a river mid-run to get to the footpath on the other side.  So you can see how I might struggle to find my running soul mate.  But I have.  Her name is Daisy and she’s our family dog.  And this is why she is my best running partner ever:
1. She thinks running is always a great idea – any time, any place, whatever the weather.  From venturing out at 3.30 am to run through the dawn of the summer solstice, to muddy hill repeats against a bitterly north wind, she has always been an enthusiastic partner and has never once questioned my sanity.

Daisy dog beach

2. She doesn’t care what pace we run at or if we stop for a few minutes.  She doesn’t own a Garmin, isn’t a slave to a particular training plan and has no records to beat on Strava.  Therefore, stopping to check a map or to enjoy the stunning view at the top of that hill is a fine idea by her.  She also never points out that I am only doing this to catch my breath.
3. She thinks I look great in my running gear.   In fact, she gets really excited when she sees me in my running gear and starts howling with delight.  That is how fantastic I look in running gear.  Okay – the reason she is getting excited is because the gear signals that we are about to have fun.  But what a wonderful outlook on life – I may not look like the gilded lily on the face of a magazine – but for her my appearance signals the start of a happy event.  I’ll accept that compliment, thank you.
4. She loves exploring as much as I do.  And if that means having to swim a river because the footbridge has long since gone, then that’s fine by her.

Daisy dog Caroline

Admittedly, any conversation is very much one-sided and we do not share the same joy at finding dead wildlife, but on balance I really do love running with my dog.

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