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How long will it take me to run off my Easter egg?

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Friday 25th March 2016
As we know the true meaning of Easter these days is chocolate eggs. While the very health-conscious runners amongst us may manage to just say no, those of us who have less self-control around chocolate are faced with a dilemma this weekend - do we try to keep indulgence to a minimum or do we take the 'eat more and run more' strategy? We've only just got rid of that extra Christmas ballast, we don't want to blow it now by lying on the sofa and mainlining chocolate for 2 days.

To help you weigh up delicious chocolate satisfaction with the cold, hard reality of how long you'll need to run to work it off we've made a handy table of the most popular chocolate eggs, the number of calories they contain and how many minutes of running that equates to for men and women. We can't stress how rough the calculations are (to calculate it accurately you need to take into account age, weight, height, pace etc) but for the stats fans amongst you we've calculated it on a man weighing 170lb and a woman weighing 150lb, both running at 5mph. This is a very rough guide to how long that long run needs to be on Sunday. 

Easter egg Calories Time to run off - man Time to run off - woman
Kinder Surprise 110 10 mins 12 mins
Cream Egg 180 17 mins  19 mins 
Cadbury Caramel Egg  187 18 mins 20 mins
Flake Egg 810 77 mins 87 mins
Buttons Egg 858 81 mins 92 mins
Crunchie Egg  885 84 mins 95 mins
Green and Blacks Egg 960 77 mins 87 mins
After Eight Giant Chocolate Egg 1094 103 mins 117 mins 
Dairy Milk Large Egg 1817 172 mins 195 mins

Photo credit: Thomas Rousing (CC BY 2.0)

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