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JOGLE record smashed - or is it?

by @garyfallsover
Monday 9th May 2016
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JOGLE.  A five letter acronym that’s almost perfectly innocuous. It has a comedic sound, as it if’s a game to be played by children like British Bulldog or Tic Tac Toe. In fact it’s likely that only the endurance community hear that word and react with trepidation and respect because it’s them that know’s the John O’Groats to Lands End run or cycle is one of the toughest challenges in existence in the UK. 

Travelling between 830 and 900 miles depending on route choice under only the power generated by your own muscles is an immense challenge and has been on that’s defeated some of the toughest athletes out there. So much so that the record for a runner has stood for nearly 16 years despite it being one of the most prized in British ultra running. Andrew Rivett completed the route in nine days two hours and twenty six minutes, covering over ninety miles a day. An incredible effort and one that most were sure would stand for decades.

Well seemingly that was all to end today.  A Shropshire man called Mark Vaz claimed he’s not only broken the record but in fact completely obliterated it by over 31 hours in a new record of 7 days 18 hours and 45 minutes. That’s just under 187 hours to cover, on foot, approximately 838 miles.  An absolutely incredible achievement which, if ratified, would rival some of the greatest feats of human endurance ever seen. 

To say this is an unbelievable feat is something of an understatement.  For a complete unknown to destroy a record in such a spectacular fashion has astounded many on social media and the common theme amongst most is a mixture of disbelief and wonder. To add some perspective to the nature of the claim is to compare it against some of the greats of the sport. Yiannis Kouros, widely acknowledged as one the finest long distance runners the world has ever produced has a six day record of just under 640 miles. To have completed JOGLE in the time claimed Mark must have replicated that effort and continued on for a further two days without an appreciable drop in speed. 

Unfortunately as Mark hasn’t seemed to have used a tracker or any sort or GPS device on his journey it’ll prove impossible to ratify his attempt as a record and as such questions will remain in many quarters as to how a man with virtually no world class endurance pedigree managed to beat a record many of the big names in UK running have failed to even come close to in the last sixteen years. 

Further questions have been raised by Mark’s own social media feed, screen shots of Facebook posts indicating his departure from Edinburgh at 11am on the 6th of May and his arrival 156 miles later in Inverness 24 hours 20 minutes later would suggest a world beating run followed by another incredible run of 119 miles from Inverness to John O’ Groats in just under 20 hours after only a short rest.  In itself that would be a remarkable run but at the end of multiple days of 100 miles plus I’m afraid for me it’s simply unbelievable.

I’m afraid in the absence of tangible proof in the form of GPS tracks and impartial witnesses this, in the eyes of many in the endurance community, will simply go down as an unprovable and unlikely claim to what I believe remains an outstanding record. And that’s a shame not only for Mark Vaz but also for Andrew Rivett who I believe is a deserving record holder and now will have, at least in the minds of some, a question mark alongside his name as the JOGLE record holder. And he shouldn’t do. 

At the time of writing I had tried to contact Mark for comment but he was unavailable.


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Gary Dalton

Gary Dalton is a rugby loving, crime fighting, white Irish Muslim ultra runner. Despite all this he's not a complete eejit. 

Gary is originally from the west of Ireland and can't actually remember when he moved to London - he blames a heavy diet of being tackled by prop forwards and potatoes for the memory loss. He hates going out for runs, canals and borderline hypothermia and loves ice cream and going out for runs. 


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Lies all lies

by Prindos
12:25, Thursday 12th May 2016
I take my hat off to people who do things for chairty but Mark Vaz is a fruad.

He lied about his half marathon times to me and when I question him, he would block me all because I mentioned I knew the results his readings was way off.

Mark, was doing this to go into the Gusiness Book of Records so why would you not take GPS or any means of technolgy to log it. Also, he said in one article he would prove that he did it, 4 hours later he is saying he never did make those times. Then Mark will play the victim and say he was sent death threats, are we sure this is even true? but if your going to lie to people then you will get abuse I don't agree with trolling mind no need for that but this guy is annoying a lot of people, there has been a lot of money gone into it he will have to prove this now, because he never seems to post about the money going to the chairties.

Runners and all sports people know what it's like to get a PB, they will shout it from the roof tops he could never prove his times or post his spilts!

If you still think hes telling the truth look at all the news articles one minute wanting to prove people wrong then saying was a big lie then comes off facebook that is guilt right there, but people will continue to belive him.


Doubtful from the beginning

by Runningslegsuk
16:52, Wednesday 11th May 2016
I met Mr Vas at the beginning of his marathon challenges brief running history when he visited our running club to promote his cause - he didn't look like a natural runner but appeared very confident with his achievements causing many eye brows to be raised!
As time went on and he published more achievements people from the area were asking - when does he train - where does he train - as you never see the man out !! He would post pictures of his watch but no route or split timings !!! More news coveridge but no evidence !!

I even wrote to red bull questioning the claims - but heard nothing - I did message mark - not trolling - requesting some proof but unfortunately I was blocked !!

I genuinely hope that my suspicions are incorrect and I am totally wrong - if so I am prepared to shake his hand and apologise and give him another £10 to his charity-


by RunningMatters
12:02, Wednesday 11th May 2016
I never ceases to surprise me how defensive people get when they are caught out in a lie.

At the end of the day all anyone has asked is for the proof to be published to back up the claim that a record had been broken. A lot of people questioned whether it is possible for the record to have been broken and that is a reasonable request to make.

I understand that Mark has now declared that it was never about the record but yet not conclusively admitted to whether there was a cheat carried out -
He said: "In regards to running and this record I've never once stated I beat it or wanted to beat it, I did it for charity which is close to me to raise money.

"I will not be going to Guinness now and making it official.

"I just wanted to get my point across about why I did Lands End."

Read more at http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2016/05/11/shropshire-born-marathon-man-mark-vaz-admits-he-did-not-break-world-record-by-31-hours/#Fzqr8pgTwG3HyYlB.99

The most unsettling thing about this is the charity aspect and suspicions about that and donations that have been made.

Proof he's a cheat and a liar...

by academic_questioner
11:30, Wednesday 11th May 2016


by Running220
11:05, Wednesday 11th May 2016
I had my suspicions well before he went on the run/drive to John o groats. Has anyone ever ran with him on any of his runs that can vouch for running 100 miles. A lot of people seem to have run with him but not any great distance. If this is a fraud then it will probably be more of a legal matter has many people have donated money. I think the guinness book of records will never receive the information


by academic_questioner
10:38, Wednesday 11th May 2016
What is interesting here is that numerous people have requested to see proof of where the donations have gone...and none has been provided.

Just as with the alleged 'record', many have donated a LOT of money that appears to some to be going in his back pocket.

Similarly, no proof has been made available for the 'record'.

Despite the above, I make no stance whatsoever on whether or not this has been achieved.

The stance I do, take, however, is that as an academic, I cannot see how this was done. If it was, fan-bloody-tastic. If not, then fraud has occurred.

People saying "I have seen the proof" is simply not good enough. The PUBLIC need to see it.

For the record - my mates will testify to the fact that I ran JOGLE in 2 days and 1 hour. That doesn't make it true.

The thought of driving that far makes me feel knackered - but I could still claim to have run it, and I would (of course) be open to hate. Because it ain't possible.

I don't like some of the comments that have been made about Mark on Facebook and other fora; bullying is NEVER the answer.

However, for Mark to publicly say he will never do anything for his community again is a slap in the face for all those who have supported him.

Similarly, telling people to "f*** off, and to p*** off" shows the character of the guy. These comments were made to people who were actually showing great support to him.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?...

Ad hominem

by One of Cavin Woodward's sons
22:31, Tuesday 10th May 2016
Emms I have posted in 3 places only, two of which are closed facebook groups. I note you are not commenting on the evidence at all, and clearly know little about the diverse characters in the ultra world. The club team for Leamington often included an accounts clerk, professor, potato farmer and a postman. It's nothing to do with who Mark is.

Reviewing the evidence

by One of Cavin Woodward's sons
22:27, Tuesday 10th May 2016

Sorry, but no. As Mark adds to the evidence he says supports him I will look at it and check what I can. People said wait until he publishes his evidence, so he published I checked what I could, it shows his evidence is dubious to say the least. I do however note that you choose to attack me rather than the information posted, do you have any comment on the information, or do you think this is just about elitism? If you think I don't believe in ground breaking performances you clearly know little about the history of ultras, or my dad, an accounts clerk from the midlands, or my club mate Pete Hart a potato farmer and decent 24 hour runner, or so many other characters in the ultra running community. It's not about who did the run, it's whether they did the run. The evidence suggests Mark didn't.



by Grendel56
21:18, Tuesday 10th May 2016
For people saying that it wasn't about the record are wrong, right from the time Mark announced his run it was always about the record. He cannot now say otherwise. People are feeling let down, many people, myself included donated to him directly into his bank account to find his record attempt. Others have donated shoes and of course other services, hotel rooms and of course time. Many of those people have subsequentlybbeen verbally abused, bullied and unfriended on social media, simply for asking for his stats to be made available. The reason is that Mark's times are inconsistent with his ability as a runner. He ran faster than the 6 day world record set on a track by one of the world's great ultra runners. So as I see it Mark had a responsibility to the people who have given time and money with not a lot of thanks but a lot of abuse.


by Emms
21:17, Tuesday 10th May 2016
Honestly all the effort the Woodward brothers are going to over this is astounding! You're obsessed lads give it a rest it's getting boring seeing you post the same thing over and over again anywhere you can. He will never satisfy you and your 'pedigree' buddies no matter what he does, as far as you're concerned a window cleaner from the midlands is not good enough to be in the 'elite' gang and you will say ANYTHING to discredit him. You're starting to sound desperate it's sad

Tracker means nothing

by Tomjones
15:42, Tuesday 10th May 2016
I do not understand why people are looking to a tracker for verification are people so easily fooled?

A tracker only shows the tracker make the journey and good for the tracker . It does not show who carried it, how it was moved - on foot , on bike. It does not show if this was a relay effort hand it over I will drive ahead and carry it for the money shot.

Yes I suspect this is fraud as I suspect the marathon records were but if folk are so easily convinced as to trust a tracker it is know wonder he thought he might get away with it

Time to Confess

by One of Cavin Woodward's sons
15:22, Tuesday 10th May 2016
Ok, so we should all await his information, because that will show he did it......

Well no, it will just raise more questions, and pointing out the inaccuracies will lead to those who know nothing about ultra running accusing the ultra community of bullying. Why do I say that, well I am sure I will get accused of bullying for basically analysing the info that comes out. Today he released a list of some of his supposed marathons. I can't view them on his Facebook page but a screenshot on a different Facebook page showed the that he claimed to have run 26.5 miles in 3:52:24 at a pace of 8.46 per mile, on the 6th September. This is interesting because it is one of the few days that the "400 marathons in 365 days" Strava account he created has actual data for. Does it show a run of 26.5 miles in 3:52:24............no.

It shows 5 runs, 3 of which look to be consecutive measures, of 10.5 miles, 8.1 miles, 2.7 miles, 3 miles and 2 miles. From the time he started the watch on the first to the time he stopped it on the last is 9:42:16. If we just look at the time the watch was running and ignore the gaps for the day that was 4:57:25, and if we just take the time he was moving it was 4:31:38. Yet we have an icon on the left that shows that he has a GPS track for the run, a run that clearly did not occur at 3:52:24 pace. So should we believe that he ran an additional marathon on a day when he was measuring all of his other runs, on a separate device that he chose not to download, preferring to just put up the 5 other inferior runs that he also did that day?

For me that would be no, and no one else should believe it either. It has all the hallmarks of someone starting out with a small claim, realising he couldn't achieve his consecutive marathons, so doing the odd run with people, and making up claims for others, then making bigger claims because he liked the attention. Seriously, I don't know an ultra runner who is carrying as much weight, especially one who supposedly does more than a marathon daily, and I don't know one who would claim half the daily figures he claims, whilst being unable to complete an official observed marathon in less than 2h30. His best official time is 3h24, which is woeful for a supposedly elite ultra runner.

Le Jog

by Running220
15:18, Tuesday 10th May 2016
I have followed this run very closely indeed and find it very hard to believe some of the timings, they just do not make sense. I cannot wait to see the GPS data to be proved wrong. I'm sure people who have donated to this worthwhile cause would like to see it the effort he went too. If would be a shame to have lots of people looking into the other runs he has claimed to have done.

Inspirational Mark Vaz

by kckenya
23:32, Monday 9th May 2016
do any of the doubters actually follow him ? see his posts ? see posts by those that ran part of the way with him before someone else joined ? checking his photos ? or even know him. do you know anyone that has completed as many marathons as he has in the time that he has completed them ? infact do you even know him ? I am astounded that someone who simply loves to run and believed and achieved did this for charity and to push himself to the limits and all he has endured along the way is hateful abuse. Its really such a shame. I would highly recommend since he has NOTHING to prove to anyone other than himself that you all sit back and wait for Guiness book of records to verify the information he has sent to them but remember that ultimately he didn't do it for the record ... he did it for charity and because he loves to run to inspire


by Bangkok
15:57, Monday 9th May 2016
Absolute disgraceful the amount of crap Mark has had to put up with! He did track his distances,times etc. I have seen some of them myself. Mark would not lie about this stuff. Look how many marathons he has ran since he started last year!! Why couldn't an unknown runner achieve this record? You don't have to be a top athlete to do this,people break records all the time,they just don't publish it! He has built himself to to tackle LEJOG. I've been out with him and seen some of the distances he has put in when training. I can back him up on this so I know he achieved it. He had tests done on his body at a good university using all the top sports equipment, and they even said everything about him is so balanced and unique. Iunderstand people want to see records of his run and he will post them in good time. Guinness book of records will also show his results to prove it. I just don't get all these haters! The running community is very popular and people should congratulate him for tackling this adventure and give him a chance to reflect on his experience. Too many jealous people out there wanting others to fail because they can't do it themselves.


by RunningMatters
10:26, Monday 9th May 2016
Interesting article but some interesting posts pop up in simple searches

He was to wear a Microsoft Band so there should be a track https://twitter.com/microsoftband/status/684705981377437696

A post on Facebook would also indicate that there is something 'up' as he suggests that he has more to do to complete the course: http://www.clipular.com/c/5323703800299520.png?k=SCOLMrzz5AWHG5m9-6Tay1iLHUE

Fair play for attempting to run or even simply completing the distance there's massive kudos in simply setting out on the challenge.

JoGLE record

by ultralouweezy
09:11, Monday 9th May 2016
Having seen Mark failing to get out of cornwall four weeks before his 'attempt' I would tend to agree that this seems slightly implausible. I would hope that he has not been tempted to exaggerate his achievements, but the lack of tangible proof does seem to cast a great deal of doubt.
TereréJordan Blood