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Book review: Where the Road Ends

by kirsty
Monday 6th June 2016
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When we heard that Meghan and Bryon from iRunFar were writing a book about trail running we were very excited for many reasons. We bump into Meghan and Bryon all over the world covering races - nobody lives and breathes trail running like they do and as well as being huge fans of the sport they are very experienced and successful trail runners in their own rights. I’m also pretty certain that they must have picked up some pretty useful tips from all the trail running royalty they’ve hung out with over the years. 
I imagine that one of the challenges of writing a book like this is that the scope is just so broad. What do you include? Do you try to cover all the bases of running, which is pretty limitless? Meghan and Bryon avoid the pitfall of trying to cover too much by opting for key themes like technique, navigation, equipment, hydration/fueling and safety and they keep it trail running specific. 
Another challenge is whether you want to appeal to beginners or experienced runners. Well this book manages to do both. It assumes that if you’ve picked this book up you already run a bit and you’re either looking to get out on the trails more or you’re a seasoned trail runner looking to improve certain aspects or embark on bigger adventures. I’m a reasonably experienced trail runner and I certainly found a lot in this book. 
There are some great tips on technique, such as 'getting a powerful pelvis' and crossing rivers (not at the same time though I’m sure a powerful pelvis would help), on hydration/nutrition, ranging from how and when to take electrolytes to amino acid supplementation, and on training - I’ll certainly be implementing muscle-seasoning downhill reps. For people thinking about more extreme challenges there’s great content on dealing with heat and cold and staying safe in dangerous situations. UK readers can breathe a sigh of relief that we don’t have to pay too much attention to the sections on bears and mountain lions but situations like lightning strikes and flash floods are very much relevant to all.
As well as being packed with useful information and tips this is just a really beautiful book. A lot of effort has gone into including some stunning photos and the ‘places and races to inspire’ boxes at the end of each chapter will give you both inspiration and expensive ideas. You can use the book as a reference or you can sit and read it from cover to cover. Either way I guarantee that you’ll pick up some really useful information. There’s something for everybody in here and it’s illustrated beautifully. 
Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running by Meghan M. Hicks and Bryon Powell is published by Human Kinetics

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