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FALKE Impulse Running

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Monday 6th June 2016
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We visited the FALKE stand at the London Marathon expo this year and we had a demo of an innovative new line in running kit called ‘Impulse Running’. 
Here’s what they say about the science behind it: ‘FALKE has developed a technology of sending targeted impulses using silicone or knitted nodules. These stimulate the sensors in the fascia, which refines the individual sense of motion’. 
What this actually looks like is lots of little soft bobbles (a little bit like rubbery rivets) at strategic points on the inside of a t-shirt, running leggings and long socks. The proposed benefits are that key joints (knee, hip) are supported, circulation is stimulated, as are sensors in the fascia in order to refine the sense of motion and, in the case of the t-shirt, unrestricted breathing is encouraged. 


I have to admit that some of this boggled my mind. FALKE has done a lot of research in the development of these products and much is written about fascia, proprioception and kinaesthesia by people who know what they’re talking about. This is cutting edge stuff that I’m just not qualified to comment on. But what I can comment on is the products and how they feel to run in!
When you take the t-shirt and leggings out of the box they look like they’re meant for a 4 year-old, not a 43 year-old. They are form-fitting (and you have to measure yourself accurately to make sure you’re getting the right size) and it was a bit of a relief to be able to get them on - pretty easily as it turned out as the material is of a beautiful quality and stretches nicely, unlike some compression type clothing, and doesn’t pull out of shape even after a good few wears and washes. 
When it’s on you do feel that you are encouraged into a good posture. That may be because the t-shirt is very form-fitting and you naturally suck your tummy in, but that’s no bad thing for your running. 


I have to admit that I was a bit worried about the nodules rubbing on a long run but I wore the leggings on a 6 hour run and there was no rubbing or chafing. I didn’t really notice the silicon at first but after a few hours the sensation was best described as zingy. It wasn’t unpleasant but you were aware that something was giving your skin a bit of stimulation. A bit like your skin feels after exfoliating or a good scrubbing: not painful or itchy, but zingy. 
I was also a bit unsure about the socks, thinking that anything on the sole of my foot would be uncomfortable, but this wasn’t the case at all. Again, it was a zingy feeling that was pretty pleasant once my feet started to feel a bit tired. 
All in all I found the socks, t-shirt and leggings really supportive and comfortable and I definitely felt that they gave my muscles some help during long runs. That may be due to the great fit and tightness supporting my muscles, it may be due to the fact that I was conscious of my form (and belly) when I was running, it may be due to the technology or it may be psychological. But I’ll take help wherever I can get it! The only downside I could see (apart from the high price tag, which is expected for a high quality product like this which a lot of research money has gone into) is that I didn’t like wearing the t-shirt with a backpack as this did make the nodules a bit uncomfortable on my shoulders. But FALKE have without doubt developed some highly supportive and comfortable products with high quality materials with their Impulse Running range. 

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