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Altium i10 help Matty Hynes Beat the Sun!

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Tuesday 5th July 2016
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Specialist altitude simulator brand Altium i10 is celebrating the latest achievement of one of its sponsored athletes – elite runner Matty Hynes. Taking part in a gruelling race around Mont Blanc, on 21 June, Matty took on the unique ASICS Beat the Sun challenge in Chamonix – bordering France, Switzerland and Italy.
On the longest day of the year, eight continental teams raced in a relay to be the first team to ‘beat the sun’ and conquer a run around Mont Blanc. As part of an elite team of runners in Team Northern Europe, Matty Hynes was delighted to be on the winning team.
Matty said, “The ASICS Beat The Sun event was the greatest week of my running life. Racing around Mont Blanc was amazing, and collectively we ascended higher than the height of Mount Everest.
“I was certainly apprehensive about running at altitude and more so running at such a high altitude. I needn't have worried. After implementing the Altium i10 device as part of my training regime I felt zero, and I repeat zero, side-effects of the altitude!”
He continued, “This was the first time I've ever ran at altitude let alone raced at it. I’m really pleased at how I felt; and more importantly it just goes to prove how much the Altium i10 works! I would recommend Altium i10 to everyone and anyone!”
Alan Montgomery, founder and director at Altium i10 said “From all of us at Team Altium we want to extend a big, big congratulations to Matty. Running around Mont Blanc to ‘beat the sun’ and win the overall team event is an amazing achievement. Well done to all on Team Northern Europe, and a big thank you to Matty for his continued support of our brand.”
Montgomery explained Altium i10’s benefits: “By controlling and reducing the amount of oxygen athletes experience at high altitude, the Altium i10 device triggers the body to improve oxygen efficiency – and, in turn, boosts endurance.
“In other words, it gives a boost to the ‘engine’ of the athlete; and we continue to see more and more individuals getting to beat their best using our device.”
Unlike altitude tents or other simulators that can be priced in the thousands, Altium i10 has an RRP of £499. This includes the device and cartridges for the main 28-day altitude simulation phase. Cartridges typically last two to three sessions and can be bought separately at £10 per unit. A free iPhone app works with the device to analyse and track progress.
For more information on Altium i10, please visit www.altium-i10.com

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