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Ultimate Direction Jenny Clutch review

by Janette
Monday 8th August 2016
I’ve been looking for the perfect hand held bottle for some time now. I’ve done the whole traditional donut bottle thing but have never quite got to grips with them (see what I did there?).  I invested in a UD Jurek grip which was an improvement but is just too big and heavy for someone with small hands and arms to carry for any length of time. And then there’s the sloshing.  Next up was the Salomon Soft Flask Handheld Glove with soft flask which is great at the start of the run but which needs constant adjustment as you drink to stop the flask slipping out of your grip.
So when UD launched the Clutch as part of their Jenny collection, I was intrigued.  Could this be the answer?

UD Clutch

It’s a neat looking piece of kit.  Light as a feather when empty and not that much heavier when full which, given has a 500ml capacity, was a pleasant surprise.
There’s a roomy pocket for bits and bobs that comes with a handy clip/bungee cord so you don’t lose your keys whilst fishing around for a gel. You’d struggle to get a smart phone in there but there’s space for a couple of gels or an energy bar, and some cash/cards and, after all, don’t we run to get away from technology?  I know I do.
It’s really easy to get the full bottle into the holder and, once it’s in there, the bungee cords at the top keep it snug.
How you carry it is up to you.  I preferred to slip my thumb through the thumbhole but, as mentioned in this short video, it’s down to you and it’s good to have options.
Unlike the Salomon, which gives you two gloves so you can choose which hand to wear it on, the Jenny Clutch can be worn on either hand at any time which is really useful if you fancy a change mid run.
It is VERY comfortable.  When full it needs hardly any grip at all and simply sits in the palm of your hand.  As the water went down from full to half empty it did feel a little awkward and started to move about a bit.  It needed a small adjustment but it’s easy enough to do this by just tightening the strap and this can be done on the move. For the most part it just needed the slightest of pressure from my fingers and no grip at all from my thumb.  Holding it at 45 degrees or completely horizontal worked equally well. All in all, a great handheld hydration solution.  It’s wonderful to have something women specific.
And it’s purple.  Who doesn’t love purple?

Price: £30
UK stockist Beta Climbing Designs

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