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Introducing 'Innermost' - modern nutrition for lifestyle goals

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Friday 16th September 2016
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INNERMOST have worked with leading nutritionists to craft a bespoke range of GMO-free products containing protein, superfoods and nutrient-rich natural ingredients with no artificial flavours or colours. Each of the 8 initial products (4 “blends” and 4 “boosters”) have been developed to support different lifestyle goals. 
The superfood protein blends and superfood infused boosters, available in HEALTH, LEAN, FIT and STRONG, are gluten free, soy free and vegetarian. There is even a vegan option! Chose from either vanilla or chocolate, flavoured with natural vanilla bean or cocoa.
In an industry characterised by companies selling complex yet broadly similar products using confusing technical jargon with a focus on body image rather than health, INNERMOST plans to challenge conventions and offer a refreshing alternative.
Available at www.liveinnermost.com
Nourishing protein shakes supplemented by superfoods, sirtfoods and nutrient-rich natural ingredients offering specific benefits. Simply choose your flavour, add to water or milk and shake. Up and down works better than left to right.
Boosters infused with superfoods and sirtfoods. Can be used on their own, or alongside blends for optimal benefits. Each Booster takes a unique approach based on your goal. Choose what’s important and they’ll play their part to help.

Innermost 1

BLEND No 1. - £24
Nourish + Strengthen
Whey Protein • Casein • Creatine Monohydrate • Montmorency Cherries • Bilberries • Magnesium
Be Strong. Feel Bold. Right for those aiming to get stronger and firmer by building lean muscle. Confident? Check. Bold? No problem. Leap tall buildings in a single bound? Leave it with us.
BOOSTER No 1. - £24
Strengthen + Enhance
Betaine • ZMA (Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6) • Chocomine • Ubiquinol CoQ10 • Selenium • Vitamin D
Be Strong. Feel Bold. Developed to support muscle and strength gains. And maintenance of bones, muscle and hormonal activity. You know those Greek statues you've seen? Yep.
BLEND No 2. - £24
Nourish + Replenish
Whey Protein • Cocomineral • Maca • Magnesium • Rhodiola Root • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
Be Fit. Feel Great. Perfect if you're aiming to energise, replenish and generally feel on top of the world. Know the scene when Rocky runs up the stairs and raises his arms? Yep, that good.
BOOSTER No 2. - £24
Replenish + Energise
BCAA Complex • Citrulline Malate • Maca • Beta Alanine • Guarana • Caffeine • Vitamin B Complex
Be Fit. Feel Great. Developed to support vitality and endurance. Maximise performance, combat tiredness and enhance energy. Keeps you going on, and on, and on…

Innermost 2

BLEND No 3. - £24
Nourish + Defend
Vegan Protein • Glutamine • Shiitake • Maitake • Reishi • Cordyceps • Bilberries • Camu Camu • Acai Berries
Be Healthy. Feel Bright. Crafted to help you rejuvenate, detox and feel brighter all round. Step 1: Flush the bad. Step 2: Replace with good. Step 3: Feel the glow. Step 4: Repeat often. 
BOOSTER No 3. - £24
Defend + Detox
Maca • Matcha Green Tea • Camu Camu • Spirulina • Peppermint • Wheatgrass • Cocoa • Chlorella • Kelp • Turmeric
Be Healthy. Feel Bright. Developed to support overall well-being, vitality and immunity. A totally natural and effective detox and cleanse. All together now, everyone say "Ommm".
BLEND No 4. - £24
Nourish + Tone
Whey Protein • Inulin • Acetyl L-Carnitine • Pomegranates • Yerba Mate • Bilberries
Be Lean. Feel Fine. Here to help you slim down, tone up and fine-tune. All in a responsible and sustainable way. Want to live life in High Definition? You’ve come to the right place.
BOOSTER No 4. - £24
Tone + Define
Matcha Green Tea • Yerba Mate • Alpha Lipoic Acid • Caffeine • Capsicum • L-Theanine • Vitamins C, B6, B12
Be Lean. Feel Fine. Developed to support healthy-weight loss and optimal functioning of your skin, hair, nails and teeth thereby maintaining your Tinder match ratio as high as possible. 

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